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A nice restaurant in Pocitos

Posted by urufish on May 16, 2007

dscf0435.jpg   My wife’s birthday was yesterday and although it wasn’t planned, we went to a very nice restaurant in Pocitos.  It’s name is Zarzamora.  You can find it (and a pretty much all the other restaurants in Montevideo), here, http://www.topuruguay.com/es/restaurantes/main.htm

We’ve been there a few times in the past, usually for special occasions like birthdays.  It’s a beautiful, medium sized Pocitos style restaurant.  Excellent food, good service, pretty decorations and street parking.  For the first time, I noticed the menu was in Spanish and English.  One of our friends confessed he’d been there the night before and was looking forward to ordering something he’d seen pass by his table last night.  He didn’t have to wait long 🙂

This restaurant has a great parilla.  Every kind of meat imagineable,  tastes great and is cooked to perfection.   Most of us ordered meat dishes but I decided to go against the flow and order a grilled tuna steak, glace.  Just like veryone else’s dinners, it was scrumptidelicious.

One of our friends took pictures of all the plates. 

 dscf0423.jpg  dscf0419.jpg  dscf0428.jpg

We started around 8:30 and finished around 11:30.  They had a buffet style desert bar.   Some of us had 2 deserts, one of us had a few more :).  The deserts were out of this world too.  The peach cake was divino. 

For 10 people, with drinks, wine, large main courses that included filet mignon, lamb, etc, and about 20 deserts, the total was $3500, (U$S150).  Interestingly enough, the bill showed you the total in UY pesos, ARG pesos, Reales and USD. 

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