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Apartment rentals

Several times in the past year,  people have asked about apartment rentals… 

The apartment below belongs to a close family friend who summers in Piria.  It is availble for rental from mid November to mid March.  It’s a 2br+den penthouse located in Cordon (Montevideo), within walking distance of Montevideo’s main shopping district and downtown…   Our daughters often walk through  the area at 1am.. We consider it quite safe. 

Specs:  120m, penthouse,  2br+study, fully furnished, full kitchen, TV.    This isn’t your usual furnished short term rental.  The owner lives there the rest of the year.  It’s immaculate and very nicely appointed.   

If you’re interested in renting something in Piriapolis during the summer, here’s a link to one of her summer properties…  https://urufish.wordpress.com/2007/06/08/house-for-rent-in-piriapolis/

To view the pictures in detail, click on them.   The last 2 images are maps.  The first is the street map from the site .  The second is a google image of the area.  The apartment is just above the centrepoint.  If you have Google earth, you can navigate the entire area, and look around.  The National Library is a block away as are every kind of store imaginable, including supermarkets, laundries and drycleaners… all within a few blocks.  The national bus terminal is within walking distance, several blocks East of the apartment.  From there, you can catch a bus to all the towns in Uruguay or get a connection to Buenos Aires, San Pablo or Rio de Janeiro.   

pic_0030-medium.jpg  pic_0002-medium.jpg pic_0016-medium.jpg pic_0049-medium.jpg pic_0047-medium.jpg pic_0001-medium.jpg cordon.jpg googleearth_image.jpg

25 Responses to “Apartment rentals”

  1. A White said

    I am a Naturopath coming over to study organic farming among other things…and consider retirement prospects there.
    How much is the rent and would it be available for the month of February for 2 couples.

  2. Mark said


    Can you let me know if the apartment is available in January and what the monthly rent is?



  3. urufish said

    It is still avaialle for January.. the rent is U$S1500/month.
    A nice one bedroom in a nice section of Pocitos with utilitarian furniture is U$S1000/month.

    This is a 3 bedroom (2 bedroom plus den), penthouse with quality furnishings in a nice section of the city, within walking distance of the entire downtown district and the bus terminal.

  4. Silke said


    we are 4 weeks in Uruguay, 2 in Montevideo and 2 araound Piriapolis.
    We are a couple from Germany.

    I left already a message on you Piria rentals.

    Is this one bedroom apartment in Pocitos available for the
    period of February 9th leaving Febr. 21st?

    What would be the best price and are there pictures to look at?

    thanks for a soon answer


  5. Mrjustice said

    Interested in possible rental for 3-6mos., beginning Nov. 2008. Please email me. Thank you

  6. Kazeleku said

    Hi webmaster!

  7. solange said

    I am comming in nov 29th looking for apartment in Motivdeo till jan 20th 09 my husband and one 2year oldchld will you rent to a family with a child?
    do you have availiblity
    how much

  8. Doina said

    Looking to rent apt Dec 1,08 to Jan 31, 09. Non smokers, want to see how life is in Uruguay. Pls let me know if apt is available for this period and @ what rate. ( we are from Toronto, – if it makes any difference :):).
    Pls reply,

  9. vito said


    We are a retired couple from the US looking for an apartment to rent in the Prado neighborhood from December to March 2008.

    We are non smokers and very responsible tenants.

    Please respond with any ideas or contacts.


  10. urufish said

    Best place to look is http://www.gallito.com.uy. Then click on alquilier de apartamentos. In the tip de inmueble, choose ‘apto c/muebles’, (furnished). Next choice is ambiente (bachelor) or # of bedrooms. I suspect the majority of the offerings will be ❤ bedrooms. Then click ‘buscar avisos’.

    Furnished apartments is a small section of the marketplace so you dont get to choose Pardo per se.

    When the listings open up, see if you can find something in Prado.

    If the number looks big, it’s pesos. Usually shown as $U. If the number looks small, it’s USD, usually shown as U$S. To convert pesos to dollars, divide by 20.

    I couldn’t any find any listing for ‘season’ or ‘short term’ rentals, but furnished apartments, by their nature, can usually be negotiated for short term even if that wasn’t what the owner had in mind. You may pay more if that’s the case.

    To contact someone, there’s usually a telephone number. The only way to follow up these ads is with a phonecall. If the phone number begins with 09, from the US, drop the 0 in front of the 9 and prefix it with 011598. Eg. 099590442 would be 01159899590442 from the US. If the number begins with a 0, not followed by a 9, drop the 0 and dial 011598 plus the phone number. Eg. 04323322 would be 0115984323322. Lastly, if the phone number begins with 1-9, dial 0115982 plus the phone number. Eg. 4202212 would be 01159824202212.

    If the number listed begins with 09, it’s a cell, which means you should expect someone to answer during waking hours, 7 days a week. Uruguayans usually keep their cell phones on and nearby. If you dont speak Spanish well enough to rent an apartment, ask someone who does to help you out.

    Keep in mind that short term rentals is not a ‘big business’ in Uruguay. The section of Montevideo that does the most short term renting is Pocitos, where we live. If you wanted to rent in Pocitos, I could hook you up with a some people.

    Short term renting is a hit and miss business w.r.t. pricing. In pocitos, a nice 350 sq ft, 1 bedroom will cost you $800-$1000/month all expenses in. This includes cable, internet, electricity, communal fees (Gastos comunes).

    Keep in mind that if you rent short term, you must ask what is additional. Usually the GC (condo fees) are additional, as is electricity, cable, internet, etc.

    Good luck.

  11. Clare said

    Hi there

    Saw your blog details from the sociedadsouthron.net forum that we are both members of… My boyfriend and I went along last Thursday and are here in Montevideo until 30th Oct. Whilst we are here we want to get an idea of rentals available for 6 months. We are heading to Florianapolis but fancy living here afterwards. We quite liked the Pocito area when we did our 10 k walk of the rambla yesterday.. and really liked the area by the golf course. You seem to be v knowledgable about all things Montevideo, and wondered if you would mind hooking us up with those contacts you mentioned….?

  12. Anonymous said

    Hello Clare.
    The only fellow I know that rents apartments in Pocitos is Peter. You can send a private message to him through Southron. His nic is ‘antaresuy’.
    He rents out a couple of one bedroom apartments in the building at 21 de Setiembre, 3003. That’s at the corner of Roque Graseras and 21. It’s a great location.

    I have a couple of apartments in the same building but both are rented indefinitely. Hopefully, you’re looking at a one bedroom, in that area and he’s got something coming up.

    My friend’s penthouse may be available if you want me to check for you. I know she sold it recently, but I dont know when it closes. She heads out to live in Piriapolis for the summer around the end of October.

    The other alternatives are word of mouth, through the expat community, Gallito (this coming Sunday) in print and of course, real estate agents.

  13. Tim said

    I came across your blog while searching for accomodations in Piriapolis. I am going to be in Buenos Aires to ring in the new year and want to visit Uruguay for a few days. A friend and I are looking for somewhere to stay in Piriapolis from January 3-January 5, 2009. I would appreciate any information or suggestions. Thank you.

  14. Pablo said

    Sunrise Apart, the best option in Montevideo: http://www.sunrise.com.uy

  15. lolojic said

    I will be in Montevideo 14 Feb. 09 and I am looking for a apartment for “one month” while looking for a place to purchase for my wife and I. Any suggestion are welcome. Auto rental and or transportation near by.


  16. urufish said

    We have friends who are in the East (Punta) that time of the year and may be willing to rent their apartments here in the city for a month.
    What’s your budget and do you want to be near the beach or downtown. Near downtown gives you more choices. Beach area is more limited and more costly.
    Both would be near rentals and transportation.

  17. mark said

    Is this apartment available to rent the week of February 14-21,2009? How much would the rental be?

    Please respond via my email address.

    Thank you.

  18. Gavin Henry said

    I am looking for an apartment in Montevideo for 3 weeks during the month of March 2009. I will doing a bit of research while taking a spanish course. Please let me know if your apt is available and for how much. Cheers!

  19. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  20. Robert Campbell said

    I am in Montevideo now, and am looking for an apartment in Pocitos or in “el Centro” for the rest of this month and all of April.

    Any suggestions would be welcome – I am going to check out the sites mentioned above right now… thank you!


  21. Shirley said

    I recently put together a website consisting of links to the short-term apartment rental websites that I know of:

    Maybe it will be helpful to some.

  22. Buenas noches! Buscando en Internet me deparé con esta página y como estoy pensando pasar todo el mes de enero de 2010 en Mdeo. me interesaria alquilar algún apartamento o casa en Mdeo.Estoy yendo con mi esposo y mi hijo de 8 años. Tendrías alguna sugestión? desde ya agradezco la atención. Atte., Beatriz.

  23. RAFAEL said

    I rent rooms , in my villa. Carrasco neigborhood, best area in town. Wi fi and expenses included. 200 Euros


  24. Mark said

    I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for the month of March in MVD that will accommodate 4 adults. Nothing too fancy but quiet, safe and well located. I don’t need a gym, pool or parking
    Can you help? Thank you.

  25. Audra said

    I am interested in a one bedroom apartment or studio/loft in MVD between November and April 2011-12 for one adult and one child. Do you have anything available? Gracias!

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