Learning Uruguay

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What do you think?

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26 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. Javier said

    Hi! I’m trying to move to Uruguay, I’m (for your surprise) from Argentina, but it seems to be more harder than I thought! I loved your posts and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers about the proper salary the Uruguay residence accept. I’m a member of a little LLC in the united states so I don’t really know if I could present some papers from the LLC there instead of a work proof from some Uruguayan company.

    Do you have any idea about that?

    Great blog btw, love the migration post, it will come really handy!

  2. Brazzie said

    Hi Irv,

    I like the new look! It is much easier to navigate.


  3. Lisa said

    Hi Urufish,

    I haven’t commented on all your posts… but I love them all! It is so fun that you have something new so often. I’m really enjoying it!

    Best, Lisa

  4. urufish said

    What does a workaholic do when he has no work?

    (OK.. that’s a joke… I was never a workaholic.. just a workalotic 🙂

  5. Shirley said

    Any chance you could add a link that would show just the most recent comments? Something like Brazzie’s:
    One of these days I’ll figure out how to do it myself using RSS….

  6. madeline said

    Could you e mail me at your convenience.
    Tengo preguntas. (Shirley has tried to set up a “meet” but, alas, it has not yet happened.
    Saludos. Madeline.

  7. urufish said

    Hello Madeline… my email is composed of the following:
    irv punto fisher arroya tonidercorp punto com
    (gotta watch out for those spybots)

  8. urucans said

    Hello urufish, we are soon coming to UY , we are uruguayos living in Canada for a while ,we love your site and comments very useful I personally like the stroll down Scoceria ,bring a lots of “recuerdos “.Hoping we sell our house soon and meet you all . Fabuloso the site congrats!! Adelante!!Chau …….

  9. urufish said

    Lots and lots of Uruguayos living in Canada. Where are you? Toronto, Montreal, or somewhere else? The biggest group is in Toronto. Supposed to be around 50,000 Uruguayans in the Toronto area now. There’s a lot of them in the latin phonebook, that’s for sure.

  10. urucans said

    Hi urufish ,we never thought of such a fast replied ,thankyou, we live in the GTA King City to be more specific,yes I think you are pretty accurate with the numbers ,most of us are in Toronto and the subs ,beautiful place , but we missed our paisito a lot , we are bringing 2 teenagers (twins boys),hope they adapt well , their spanish is not the greatest but they can go by , so we are thinking in a good spanish tutor, for sure is going to help the new friends and the every day life ,hasta pronto,chau

  11. urufish said

    Let us know when you’re coming. we must get together. Where will you be staying when you get here?

  12. urucans said

    we are planning to stay in Punta Carretas , we bought a small apartament with the intentions to buy a bigger one when we get there , for sure we are planning to meet all you , and the amigos from southron (uruguay living) an excellent blog as well

  13. Richard Cowley said

    Dear Irv

    I got a mail from you via Adrian about golf, and it’s disappeared from my machine. Can you please resend it so we can fix up a game?

    Many thanks

    Richard Cowley

  14. Sherri said

    Hello – Love your site! I am Canadian, my husband is Uruguayan, our daughter is Argentinian and our son is Candadian.. anyway we currently live in Port Hope – about 1 hr east of Toronto. We are planning on moving to Uruguay in the next 2 years – we’ll be there for a visit in December but are in the process of ‘getting things ready’! I came across your site – and i just want to say THANKYOU – I have so many questions and your site answers most of them. I wanted to put myself in contact with you directly and perhaps during our move you could offer some direction. I love Uruguay and can’t wait to get back! We are planning on moving to Montevideo – Pocitos maybe – any advise on private school? in the area?

    Again – love your site – we’ll meet soon i’m sure!

  15. urufish said

    Whenever you want specific information, just send me an email..
    My email address is irv dot fisher at tonidercorp dot com.

    Been to Port Hope many times. The high school was a customer for many years. Also have several friends along the Pickering-Courtice strip.

    If you move to Pocitos, we’ll be neighbours. This is where the vast majority of English speaking expats live. We all hang out on the Southron forum…
    There are 2 get togethers every week in Montevidedo. Thursday evenings at the Southron’s house. Sundays at Old Maz restaurant (lunch), 21 de setiembre and the rambla.

    Most expats send their children to private schools. Most Uruguyans who can afford it send their children to private schools. I cant speak for the religious schools but there are so many good private schools in Pocitos, it’s hard to choose. If you stay in Pocitos while you’re here in December, you can walk to most of them and check them out. The ones closest to the heart of Pocitos are St Davids and Pocitos Day School. Those two come to mind.. but there are many others. Your husband is Uruguayan so he can google sites that list all the schools in the area. I did it once. Escuelas privado Montevideo and variations on that theme.

  16. Rafa said

    Pelado, tomatela.
    You guys are not welcome here at Uruguay.

    I really don’t like people having 2 citizenships.
    I think you should stay right where you are (1st. world).

    Yours faithfully,
    a proud Uruguayan.

  17. urufish said

    Your English is very good.
    Quite easy to understand.

    We have xenophobes in Canada too.

    Peace be with you..

  18. bobbyG. said

    My wife and I are thinking of retiring in Chile, then I saw an ad about Uruguay being one of the least costly counties to live in. I have been to several web sites and they are either so slow I move on or the background is to dark to read. Is there any web site that will say what the cost of living is or is it a secret? We are U.S. citizens desiring to get out of thios “rat-race” and the trap. Thanks.

  19. urufish said

    Hullo BobbyG… Most American expats here would say that Uruguay isn’t one of the least costly countries to live in. They would say it’s one of the best ‘value’ countries to live in. The Americans we get coming here from Panama, DR, etc. say that it’s a little more expensive here but that’s more than made up for by the low crime and the fact that everything works… all the time.

    There is a wealth of information at http://sociedadsouthron.net/. Hundreds of english speaking expats and expat wanabe’s from all over the world talking about everything imagineable, including the cost of living.

    Chile’s good too. My best friend (south of the equator), lives up in Arrica..near the Peruvian border. It’s a very long, diverse country, like the US where living in NY is so different from living in FL or CA or WA. If you’re thinking of Chile, you have to decide what part of the country suits you, just like deciding to live in the US.
    With Uruguay, the choice is much simpler… You can choose rural life up in Colonia, closer to Buenos Aires for short diversions.. Or live in Montevideo.. the big city with big city life.. or Punta del Este (out east) which for 3 months of the year is a world class area that attracts the jetset of Europe.

  20. Isabel said

    I lived in Uruguay for almost all my life. I escape from that nightmare in 2005 and I live happy in Canada now.

    I can have heating on winters, an internet connexion and a telephone 24/7 at an affordable price; a small car and no medical fees. Yes, all materials things; but I have also the friends and security that I couldn’t have in my home country.

    You really have to be rich to live in Uruguay. Please compare all this investments and expenses you talk about with the income of a normal person (employee, professional or entrepreneur). But, even if you’re a rich person, why can you live without trusting anyone or anything, seeing people (and I mean entire families) eating from garbage in front of your house and beggars at every street.

    Yes, there is a lot of thinks that I have to improve in my life here, but it is a challenge. When I lived there I had no more dreams. I used to be the half-empty glass person and since Canada opened its doors to me I am the half-full glass person.

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. My sincerer congratulations and wishes of good luck.

    (In Uruguay people use to speak with a lot of ironies, almost all the things they say are not true; so I have to use the word “sincerer” for you not to think that I am ridiculing you)

    PS: maybe you’re thinking how a person with such a basic English could be comfortable and adapted; because I live in Québec and French is, by far, my second language. Learning English is a part of that challenge 😉

  21. anagonli said

    I currently live in Canada (Mississauga, ON) but not for much longer. I’m moving back to UY in 2 weeks after 7 years! I’m planning to settle in Montevideo but I’ll keep working for my current employer; a Software Development company that has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a programmer.
    It wasn’t too long ago that I found your blogs and I love them… I find them very helpful.
    My question to you today is regarding internet service. I’ve seen your blog titled Dedicado vs. Anteldata posted on October 24, 2007 but I’m hoping you can update me on this topic and help me make an informed decision.
    I’ll have to connect to the office on a daily basis thru VPN and download documentation from their server, check in my code, etc; therefore I need a connection that it’s fast and reliable. What would you suggest?
    Thanks in advanced!

  22. urufish said

    Do you mean you left Uruguay to live in Canada and now you’re coming back?
    Where you live in Montevideo seems to make a big difference on the stability of your service.
    I live in Pocitos and I know that the Antel office that supplies my area is very stable and has good capacity.
    I dont know about any other area.
    Antel is the best for business because it’s the most reliable.
    I pay UYU1268/month for the ADSL 2048 plan (www.anteldata.com.uy, click on Tabla de planes de ADSL).
    From Pocitos, I consistently get 1.6mb downstream and 109kb upstream (this never changes.. it’s locked down real tight). 109 is good enough to support one hungry VoIP codec call or two medium hungry VoIP codec calls at the same time.
    I rarely experience packet loss. Very little jitter. Ping times are usually 230-260ms to Toronto. Sometime Antel skimps on Miami jump and it can get up to 500-700ms. If you’re on the phone, you can hear the delay but people adjust to it. They just think you’re a bit retarded. I tell them it’s the sun. They laugh.
    I’ve been in this house for over 2 years. The connection has only been down once during the business day for a couple of hours.
    If you want to play it safe, keep your job and never have to make excuses, do what I do. Get a cellular mobile conection as a backup.
    You can buy the modem for UYU1890 and then just by prepaid cards to charge it in case you need it.
    Or you cant go on contract (I did that) for UYU380 a month unlimited usage.
    Mobile internet is very stable here in most places as long as you’ve got a good signal.
    Bandwidth isn’t great but if you’re ADSL is down and you need to work, it takes longer but at least you can work.
    I use the mobile connection when I go to the east on the weekends. That way I can work if I want to and I have Skype with me if I need it.
    You say you’re using a VPN. If it’s a hardware VPN, you cant use mobile internet. Then you’d need a 2nd permanent connetion. The only 2ndary provider in Uruguay is Dedicado. Then you must be careful where you live because not all houses/apartment in Uruguay have line of site to a Dedicado tower.
    My company usually insists on a hardware VPN solution but I got around it by putting my old desktop in the server room and opened up two ports in the firewall to it, one for TS and one for Radmin. Passwords are 32 random characters to maintain security. For downloading, I use Radmin’s file data function.
    There are a lot of people down here in IT working companies all over the world.
    If you want more detailed information, you can call me.
    I have a direct Toronto line.

    The modem is to buy. You can by prepaid cards or you can go on a plan like I did.

  23. Anonymous said

    Hi Irv;

    I sent you an email to irv dot fisher at tonidercorp dot com but it got returned.
    How can I get in touch with you?


  24. urufish said

    The email address irv.fisher with the url tonidercorp.com does work. I get dozens of emails every day.
    You can call me 737 3339 using Mississauga’s original area code.

  25. Victor said

    Hi Isabel

    I´m a Venezuelan guy and my wife was born in Uruguay, actually we´re planning to move to Montevideo next year, I can understand you when you say that you can have a better way of Life in Canada with your salary, I´ve been travelling for most Countrys in Latinoamerica and is more or less the same : If you don´t have a business or a foreing income in dolars or Euros, you can live better in Europe or Norh America, but if you are an enterpreneur, business man or have a decent income (even retirement) from home, Uruguay is probably the best Country to live in South America:
    1) It´s a little Country, and that is very important because of the social/political stability (the main latinoamerican handicap). It´s easier to have social or political problems in bigeer countrys (eg. Argentina)
    2) It´s relativetly safe
    3) The People is very friendly and helpfull
    4) It´s not cheap, but average for Latinoamerica
    5) There are a LOT of Business oportunities, if you take notice that people in Uruguay is more like the Europeans (very conservative in the expenses)
    6) Excellent Educational and Medical sistem for S.A. standars

    I use to go every year to Montevideo, actually we´ll go on November 15th in a one moth trip, any help you need in Montevideo in those days, just contact me


    Ps: Excellent blog URUFISH!

  26. Marcela Risso said

    I am an Uruguayan who has been living in the US for the past 27 years. I miss Uruguay’s life style, family, and friends very much; therefore I am thinking about going back for good in December. I am not sure that I will adapt though. We’ll see. I just wanted to say thanks for your site. Although, I have not read all your stories, I find the one about the license rather interesting. That is exactly the stuff that drives me crazy when I go there (about twice a year). I am glad you are enjoying your stay. Most Uruguayans welcome outsiders and are opened to multiculturalism. After all it is still (to a lesser degree) a country of immigrants. Like everywhere you’ll find some “idiot” who will make inappropriate comments.

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