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The Movistar IQ (Idiot Quotient) Test

Posted by urufish on March 21, 2008


This one’s easy.  Just go to www. movistar.com.uy, click on usuario and try to get anything important done. 

Earlier this week, I had emailed Movistar’s ‘attencion al cliente’ advising them that the credit card they’re using for autodebit had been cancelled.  I had another one and wanted to change it.

I immediately received an email stating that ‘due to large volumes of emails at this time, they would get to me when they could’. 3 days later I got a nice email telling me, among other things, that I could use the web portal.   It said that your user name is the last 6 digits of your phone number.  Your password is your cedula or passport #, whichever applied.

This caused me great joy, (still haven’t learned my lessons about Uruguay).  I now had access to my account on line.  Couldnt wait to try it out.  I went to the site, clicked on ‘usuarios’, after a few attempts figured out it was my wife’s cedula on file and I was in.  This caused me even greater joy, (still haven’t learned my lessons about Uruguay). 

Access gets you to ‘hello Sra Fisher’ screen.  The sub menus are: Telefonia, Internet, Cambio de Clave and Exit.  None of these seemed to apply to what I want to; change my autodebit credit card, so I started my journey by clicking Telefonia.  That takes you to a sub menu with one item.  Consultar Factura.  That wasn’t what I was looking for but since I have online access to view and print my other phone bills, I decided to add Movistar’s bill to my electronic stable.  I clicked it.  This takes you to, ready for this one, another login screen.  Duhhhh.. OK..  Let’s see if I can figure this one out.  It asks for your Cuenta and then your PIN.  We only have one account with Movistar so I pulled last month’s invoice and entered the cuenta (account) number.  That left me with trying to figure out what the PIN was.  The only place I’ve seen PIN used with Movistar is with the phone itself-the chip.  So I looked up the PIN and entered it.  No banana.  So I rooted around for any other possible PIN they could be looking.   Still no banana.  So I tried my wife’s cedula again.  That brought me to the 3 strike rule and you guessed it, I’m barred for life.  This particular service is now bloqueado.   I guess that puts me futher behind than when I had no access at all.

OK.. So much for consulting your phone bill on line..  Let’s try something else.  So I went back and clicked on the Internet option.

There are a lot more options here.  First is that ‘consultar factura’ thing.  No point trying that now is there?  Then there’s Consultar Accessos, Activar Direccion de correo en USA, Paginas Pesonalex, Busquedas Web, Humanizadas, Casilla de Fax, Aviso de Email, Email Adicionales, Consumos IPass, Llenar la encuesta

So I tried Consultar Accessos… This one sounds pretty good.  I always wanted to know the details of my usage but the invoices dont show that.  They just tell you how many minutes you use.  The screen defaults to Marzo (this is March) so I stupidly clicked on that.  Nothing.  That’s becuase no cell provider calculates your usage dynamically, (none I’ve seen anyway).  They put that information up when they calculate your invoice.  So I clicked on Feburary… Still nothing.  That concerned me, so I clicked January, then December.  Nothing.   There’s no construction sign.  I assume that either this thing is going to work someday, is broke now or I have to pay extra for this to work. 

Let’s try Activar Direccion de correo en USA.  Whoah.  That one took me totally by surprise.  It’s an advertisement for Miami Box.  You can subscribe to the service from this web page.  Just what I needed.   Yah right. 

Next stop is Paginas Personales.  It’s also an advertisement.  You can have your web site hosted with Movistar…  How quaint.  In fact, Busquedas Web, and Humanizades are all propaganda for additional services.

Casilla de Fax, Aviso de E-Mail and E-Mail adicionales are services you can add to your account.  This gives you a number people can send faxes to which are then forwarded to you via email.

IPass looks like the old dialup internet service thing.  Had that with Sprint many suns ago.

The last one, Llenar la ncuesta means exactly that.  You go there to rate their services.  I dont feel right doing this because maybe the reason I cant get anything out of the website useful to me is my comprehension of the language.  I dont see anywhere I can click ‘English’ 🙂

So here we are, no further ahead…. but you never know what can happen in the future.. intentionally or plain, dumb luck. 

 PS… When I emailed Movistar about the change of credit card, I also emailed Primus, my cell provider in Canada.  A Primus customer service rep replied the next morning, asking me for the new credit card info.  I replied.  Later that day I got a confirmation. 


4 Responses to “The Movistar IQ (Idiot Quotient) Test”

  1. […] The Movistar IQ (Idiot Quotient) Test This one’s easy. Just go to www. movistar. com. uy, click on usuario and try […]

  2. Wilbur said

    I have some names and numbers of people in Spanish that you can complain to about Movistar. They never answer, but sometimes get something done… like when Movistar in Colombia claims that they telemarketed by wife to change her account from prepaid to invoiced.

    The problem she was out of the country when the telemarketing call occurred. She didn’t get any invoices, so she didn’t pay any, so they wouldn’t let her add money to the prepaid account. They also wouldn’t resolve the issue without waiting a week (or more) to get a recording of the “telemarketing call”.

    The calls to Spain resulted in an apology from someone in Movistar, Colombia, the ability to add money to the prepaid account and use the phone and a few days later another $50 or so credit to the account.

    I really can’t imagine why any company wouldn’t arrange their website to handle as much customer service as possible without human intervention. Why do you want pay thousands of employees to answer the phone when so much could be done without employees online?

  3. urufish said

    Thanks for the offer Sr. Corncob 🙂
    I’ve decided to try one more thing first.
    Going to go the centro and see if can:
    1) Get the PIN number to see bills online
    2) Find out how to work Consultar Accessos

    I’m going to bring my laptop with me, usng the CTI modem, so I can put in front of their face and get them to make both work for me.

    Used to that at the airline ticket counters with great success up north. Having proof in front of their noses preempts the ‘you’re doing something wrong’ or ‘it works here’ defense.

  4. 3l27f6 said

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