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It’s summer

Posted by urufish on February 14, 2008

Today I thought it would  be good to put up a few pictures now that our grass has taken root.

pa150003-medium.jpg  Looking out the front of the house, notice our frequent police guy. 

pa150002-medium.jpg Looking up the side of the house to the fountain which we put back together again after the robbers were unscuessful at removing it this past winter.

pa150001-medium.jpg  Looking out the side of the house from the bedroom.  There’s our friendly dumpster. 


2 Responses to “It’s summer”

  1. dominic said

    Great blog…thanks for writing it.


  2. dominic said

    Oh, and I have also put a link to your blog via mine: http://movingmontevideo.blogspot.com


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