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House for Rent in Piriapolis (2 of 2)

Posted by urufish on December 20, 2007


Summer’s is here and our friend Cristina asked us to post her 2nd house for rent on this site.  Here it is in pictures.  It’s pretty, clean and closer to San Antonio than the other house, which is closer to the bus terminal. 

pic_0002-medium.jpg  pic_0004-medium.jpg pic_0006-medium.jpg pic_0025-medium.jpg pic_0029-medium.jpg pic_0034-medium.jpg


5 Responses to “House for Rent in Piriapolis (2 of 2)”

  1. Silke said

    would it be possible to rent this house close to San Antonio coming February 21st 2008
    and leaving March 6th?

    Are there towels and Linen included and what would be the best
    price you can offer?

    We are a couple from Germany and are looking forward to see Uruguay.
    Best regards Silke

  2. Beth said

    We are 2 American/Cuban couples interested in finding a basic apartment or small house to rent walk distance to the beach in Piriapolis or thereabouts (near ammenities). We need it Sept 16 leaving the 23 (7 nights). Also, is everything (ammenities) closed down then? We are there to research if we’d like to move to Uruguay with our young children (who will not be there with us). Please email soon as I need to get a confirmation for our travel visa too. Thanks!!

  3. urufish said

    Hi Beth…
    My friends’ apartments/houses are about 20-25 minute walk to the beaches.
    I’d walk it once a day back and forth, but most tourists wouldn’t want to do
    that. Most of the people who rent her places have a car. If you are going
    to have a car or a moto, it would be fine. She’s a half block from the
    main supermarket.. Which is like a mini mall.

    If you’re looking for something on the beach or within a block or two, try
    Steve’s one of my friends from Piria. His place overlooks the port, (like
    mine), but I wouldn’t call it walking distance to the beach. But on his
    website, he does list a few properties that are apartments on the rambla

    Good luck…

    PS.. Are you sure you need a visa to visit Uruguay?
    Americans definitely dont need one. Based on the relationship between Cuba
    and Uruguay, I didn’t think Cubans needed Visa’s either.

  4. Andrea Alvez said

    Hi Beth,can you please advise how many rooms.
    thank you Andrea

  5. Javier Burgo said

    Hola! Javier aqui!!…ya hace 33 anos que vivo e U.S.A y necesito casa/apartamento muy pequeno, solo para mi retiro, y vivir en Montevideo por el resto de mi vida. ya tengo 63 y pronto para irme///buscando???/ fui a la escuela “Brasil” 1956….
    necesito saber de algo medio decente y bajo para arentar….por-fa?? javierburgo@live.com Gracias!! y ciao!

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