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Motorcycles and Montevideo

Posted by urufish on December 3, 2007

winnermoto.jpg  The new Winner $450 moto from Motociclo

The title is a bit misleading.  It should read 2 wheeled motorized vehicles and Uruguay but it’s not as snappy. 

Since I started reading blogs about Uruguay (and writing in my own), there have been many motorcycle stories.  Southron.net has tons of discussions on the subject.  The long and the short of it is that most of us agree that driving motos around here is a high risk activity. 

I think I’m up to 5 fatalities now, (and several PI’s).   That includes one in Piriapolis last year but does not include my wife’s run in with a moto a few years back because that was before we moved here permanently. 

If I include the years when we just vacationed here, there are 2 of my own, (I still cant scratch my back with my right hand), and at least a dozen to the credit of close friends and family.  Fortunately, none off them were fatal… but close.. oh yes.. 

Anyway, I thougtht I’d seen it all.  Crashes at intersections, crashes into walls, culverts, other stationary cars, buses, even one police car.  But Sunday morning’s was definitely the best so far.   Our ‘handy-man’ and friend Leo was coming to our house on Sunday morning to drive with us to Piriapolis where he was going to wash the walls with chloric acid (removes the algae that accumulates on the white walls in the winter).  Around 8:15am, we got a text message from Leo.   He said he’d been in an accident with a horse and he was waiting in emergency.  He’d let us know later on. 

Leo lives in Montevideo as do we.  The idea of him driving into a horse at 8:00 am on a Sunday in Montevideo was so bizarre, but Leo doesn’t exaggerate…  So we drove out to Piria, (and met Steve and his other half Chris), met the family and did some chores.  On the way home, Leo sent us a more detailed text message.  Turns out he was driving along a street and as he was going by a horse-cart, the horse decides to turn to the left–into him.  He says he separated his shoulder but he should be good as new in a couple of days.

So when someone tells you that Montevideo is not a safe place to drive motorcycles, they aren’t kidding.  Even the horses pull in front of motos. 


4 Responses to “Motorcycles and Montevideo”

  1. Mary said

    I would like to ask you a few questions about the steps involved in moving to Montevideo (from USA). Is that ok with you?


  2. urufish said

    Of course. Ask anything you want to… My email address follows… remove ‘the’ from both parts of the email address. The first part is actually irv.fisher. The second part is actually tonidercorp.com. Keep the @ in the middle-no spaces.
    Putting ‘the’ in both places trick spambots harvesting email address for junk mailers.

  3. Anonymous said

    How can I say this… anything bought in that place that starts with Moto and ends with ciclo is bound for the trash heap in no time. You know, Chinese can mean a range of different qualities, but with these people, it´s the worst possible level of quality, and of post-sale service, as their MO is to sell defective stuff and try not to take it back or replace it. Stay away from them…

  4. urufish said

    Hahahaha… that’s pretty much the common belief here in Uruguay… but you must keep 2 things in mind.. the country is beset with cheapo Chinese products (perhaps a function of disposable income most Uruguayans enjoy) and retailers boasting quality are few and far between.

    There are some things that Motociclo sells that I consider at par with the rest of the country. Bicycles, cellphones and most brand name products. I’ve had no issues to date with any of these 3. The only other thing I bought from Motociclo was a bicycle pump. That hit the trash heap the first time I went to use it. But at $1.99, it was worth a try 🙂

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