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Antel has online bill payment (sort of)

Posted by urufish on December 3, 2007


Today, I was doing my December budget when I noticed that my daughter’s phone bill never showed up in November.   Up until this month, Antel held the distinction of being the only utility that always mails invoices, more or less on time.  So now we have a clean sweep.   All the utilities are into the 10% multa scam. 

 I decided to go on line and print the invoice… http://www.antel.com.uy/portal/hgxpp001.aspx?2,358,539,O,S,0,MNU;E;278;1;MNU;,

While there, I noticed that Antel has added the ability to pay on line if you have a major credit card.  Oh good.  So I clicked on the link…  http://www.antel.com.uy/portal/hgxpp001.aspx?2,358,539,O,S,0

At this point, you enter your account number (cuente), you click the link and unfortunately, that’s the end of the journey.  If it does work, I dont have enough hours in the day to wait for the link…

I’ll try it again next month.  It could be working by then.  In the meantime, I printed the bill and will take it to the Abitab around the corner later today. 


4 Responses to “Antel has online bill payment (sort of)”

  1. Wilbur said

    I use Antels online payment system every month. The only trick is you need the number from the bill (maybe its the same every month).

    It changes to English half way through the process and then back to Spanish. Two get two email acknowledgements. One immediately and a second one a day or two later.

    Trying to pay the electric bill online is another matter. You apparently have to go somewhere to get a pin number first.

  2. urufish said

    The number they ask you for is your account number. It doesn’t change.
    If it works for you, it must have been having a bad day yesterday…
    Will try again this morning… thanks for this info…

  3. urufish said

    Wilbur, you were absolutely right, on all counts.
    Today I tried again and wonder of wonders, it worked perfectly…
    Only surprise was the size and complexity of the first email and the digital hoopla to get to it.
    Sure would be nice to pay GC on line…

  4. Daniel said

    You can have it automated also if you have a debit card from the Banred network.

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