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Dedicado vs Anteldata – Round 2

Posted by urufish on November 19, 2007

And the winner is….  Anteldata by a KO. 

 bad-dedicado.jpg  Dedicado is struggling today.. I’m being kind. 

Today, after a month of peace, Dedicado fell off the wagon… again.  This is the 3rd or forth time in the past couple of months.  This is what Dedicado looks like when it goes bad…  uuggllyyyy. 

It’s at these moments, one appreciates having their 2nd connection..  I just switched over to Anteldata and life goes on. 

If you’re planning on working here, and you value your time, the extra 50-60 bucks a month is worth it.  I’ve got a teleconference at 17:30 today…   Making excuses when you’re a few thousand miles away isn’t a smart way to keep your job.  No one wants to hear your excuses. 

Based on the last 2 years, I’d give Anteldata the nod if you must work with a single supplier.  Dedicado simply is too flaky if you need serious connectivity.  If your only option is Dedicado, have a backup plan.  Maybe a friend somewhere you can drive to who has Antel.  My friend in Arica, Chile made a deal with a local Cybercafe to cover her before she got her 2nd connection. 


11 Responses to “Dedicado vs Anteldata – Round 2”

  1. Irv, so what was the deal with the cyber cafe?


  2. Pablo said

    Anyway, the real bandwidth I get from my Anteldata connection is usually much slower than the quoted 512 kbps download speed. So I feel lucky when I can watch Youtube videos in real time.

  3. Ant said

    Pablo, That is surprising. Over the past 6 months, I have always got exactly what was advertised with my Antel Data connection, except for the few off days in Winter.
    Some of my colleagues who have opted for a Dedicado also complain that they have lots of days where their connection gets flaky.

  4. urufish said

    She made a deal with the Cybercafe to let her use a terminal there as a backup if her connection went down. Normally, that’s not a problem, but she needed to bring her laptop and VoIP box with her. The Cyber had to give her access to a couple of ports on their router…. normally, that’s not a service they provide. She chose a Cyber that used a different provider. She was on Entel at the time. She chose one that used Telefonica. Now she has both Entel and Telefonica… so she’s OK.

    Believe it or not, when the earthquake hit them last week, they lost their phones and power.. but internet still worked. Amzazing.

  5. urufish said

    Pablo, my experience mimics Ant’s. I’ve got my connections set up to measure up, down, jitter and packet loss every 8 minutes. I only run this during business hours.. aprox 10am until 8pm… but Antel is consistant… Dedicado will fluctuate. When you look at a graph of your speed tests in real time, you can see them capping the bandwidth.. instead of jagged peaks, the maxs are flat as a pancake.. for several seconds on end.. indicating that the potential is much higher, but you’re being throttled.

  6. Ant said

    Also the price starts rising exponentially beyond a 1MBPS/128K connection… That costs ~1250 pesos a month… but a 2 M/256K costs ~4300 pesos a month.

  7. urufish said

    Do I hear ‘opportunity cost’? 🙂

  8. Juanto said

    I wish I had read your note just a few hours ago. I jusrt came to Montevideo and tried to contract with Anteldata, but apparently the Pocitos ‘centralita’ is full and gave me a waiting time of 30, 40, 50 days, or more, in order to have my ADSL connected. As I have to work as of next week, I called the next supplier, Dedicado, and they’re installing on Saturday. Are they still as bad? How often their service breaks down? IS there any other supplier in MVD, besides ANTEL, tat can provide a back-up?

  9. urufish said

    There are only 2 providers of hispeed in Uruguay… Antel and Dedicado. Other companies (like Netgate) repackage ADSL but the source is still Anteldata.
    If you have to work, you have no choice.
    Your next concern is whether Dedicado has a good line of site from your antenna. If they dont, you have a big problem.
    Before they leave, run tests on the connection to make sure you’re getting a solid connection.
    If you’re using VoIP, make sure you run jitter tests.
    Somewhere on my website I list the product I use which does all the testing and will give you a correct diagnosis of your connection at the time of the testing.

    Based on my ongoing tests, Dedicado will give you 8-10 bad days per year….
    If you can book those days as sick days, you’ll be fine.
    If you’re in a more delicate position, spend the extra $ and order the Anteldata connection now so you have it as soon as they can get it in.

    If you use it as a pure backup, you can subscribe to the measured service which will give you the 2nd highest speed for a lot less…

    Good luck.

    BTW, if you ever run into trouble, there are several of us here in Pocitos who can set you up with a connection for a day or two. I’m one of them 🙂

  10. patrick henry said

    I have had a NIGHTMARE with Dedicado continuing to charge my credit card after cancelling the service. Capital One who I have dealt with for 15 years has been practically worthless in resolving the issue and I finally had to cancel the card leaving me with over a $1000 dollars in fees that I did nothing to incur and received no goods or service.

  11. urufish said

    From my dealings with Dedicado, there is no compromise on their part. Your only recourse is small claims court. If your card is out of the US, call the consumer office in your state and tell them you’ve got a disputed charge. With a raft of exotic exceptions, Capital One should credit your account and let the vendor fight it out with you. I once read a merchant/VISA agreement and I came away with the belief that they could claw back anything they wanted from us (the vendor).

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