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Dedicado vs Anteldata

Posted by urufish on October 24, 2007


For those of you considering an internet connection here in Uruguay, these tests below are indicative of each provider’s performance, on normal days, when nothing is going wrong. 

For work, I prefer the Dedicado service at UYP 1900/month for 512/512 (up and down).    I need at least 256kb upstream to support multiple, concurrent VoIP connections. 

The Anteldata service is UYP1268/month for 1mb/128 (down and up).  My family uses this connection unless Dedicado is struggling, at which time I comandeer it for my use. 

Separating connections like this protects me from my daughter’s indiscriminate use of Limewire and spurious downloads, video streaming and other bandwidth hogs, intentional and otherwise. 

I use Visualware’s MySpeed Voip to monitor performance and generate these graphs below.  The picture at the top is from Visualware’s Visualroute program.  This picture represents a graphical and mapped analysis for the connection between Montevideo and Toronto, Canada.  This specific route is the most common.  Notice the large delay between Uruguay and Miami.  This has been there for at least the last 3 years.  For greater detail, click on the graphs for larger images. 






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