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OTC (over the counter) medication

Posted by urufish on September 21, 2007

 ‘Itching and  burning making you uncomfortable?’

A few days ago, a dear friend of ours had a run in with a runout…  Hemorrhoids (actually remembered how to spell that !!!). 

Playing the ‘know-it-all’, ‘best medication’ northerner, we just happened to have a spare tube of Preparation H that made it’s way here in our container.  After an hour or so, our friend screwed up her face a bit and said ‘what kind of crap’ was that? 

At her behest, I went out to the local farmacia and picked up a tube of Scheriproct Pomada.  Sounds a little German doesn’t it.  I think it is . 

I brought it back.  Several minutes later, she exited the bathroom, clearly happy and relieved.  Curiousity got the best of me and I thought I’d take a look at the ingredients. 

Now Prep H is a household name back in Toronto.  It’s like Coca Cola, Wal Mart or IBM.  It’s a respected and trusted product the whole family can turn to when you need relief, fast.  When you look at the ingredients.. you see (are you really ready for this… )  Shark Liver Oil, Yeast as a live cell derivative (Bio-Dyne Skin Respiratory Factor)… Duuuuhhhhhh!!!  What the heck was that again???  I’m used to reading an ingredient list and actually seeing what’s in there.  This one I dont get…  Where’s the ‘snake oil’? 

When I looked at the ingredients on the Scheriproct Pomada I near sh.. my pants… The ingredients/100g, in this order are:  Caproato de prednisolona (190mg) and Clorhidrato de cincocaina 500mg.   I’m no doctor… no pharmacist… no chemist (Shirley???)  but someone tell me that those two words have nothing to do with COCAINE!!! and Prednisone

I can certainly attest (as an onlooker only) to the analgesic effects of Cocaine applied to mucous tissue, like the linings of the mouth, nose, etc. and other tender body parts.  Prednisone was (probably still is) an extremely powerful anti inflammatory.  I never heard of it or any derivate product in an over the counter product up north.  Heck, it still is a core drug for transplant patients. 

So here we are, supposedly in the 2nd world, where you can go to a local pharamacy and walk out with something like this…  heavy artillery for what ails you down there. 

 Oh forgot to mention that it states on the box, ‘control medico recomendado’.. translation:  ‘doctor prescribed’ recommended…  But in practice, that dont happen.

(I’ll be looking for those double entendre’s Gaberoo)


8 Responses to “OTC (over the counter) medication”

  1. gaberoo said

    Sorry to disappoint Fish…I use the stuff here (Scheriproct!). I’d be loathe to throw stones from my “glass house”!Cinchocaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic (not sure if it is related to cocaine…I think not, but ask Shirley just in case…I mean before you try freebasing the Scheriproct or turning it into a pasta base simile). Prednisolone is pretty heavy duty (well, it’s basically in the same class of substances as cortisol is; they both are glucocorticoids) and it will knock out all of those pesky lymphocytes (whether these be irritating you in the form of inflammation, rejection, or in the guise of a lymphoma/leukemia…it “does it all”).

  2. la vieja said

    Cortisone is available OTC in the US in the form of sprays and ointments (1%) for skin irritiations, bug bites etc. As for the “…caine” suffix, think Solarcaine and similar products. Local, topical analgesic. No, nothing to get excited about. Scarier by far are some of the (semi) OTC antibiotics which are widely misused in UY and the packaging without patient specific directions.

  3. Shirley said

    Wow — that’s really interesting. I hadn’t heard of clorhidrato de cincocaina (cinchocaine hydrochloride, or dibucaine), but from a little armchair research it does appear to be one of the cocaine derivatives, used as a local anesthetic and also for spinal anesthesia. It is known for its potency, toxicity, and long-lasting effect. Although it is 5x-10x more toxic than cocaine, it can be used in lower concentrations because of its greater potency. One source says “it is the most potent local anesthetic.” I did not find any US products with this ingredient (OTC or prescription), but it could go under a different name, so I can’t be sure.

    Prednisolone is indeed a corticosteroid, like prednisone, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Hydrocortisone (also a corticosteroid) seems to be a common ingredient in OTC hemorrhoid medications, like Preparation H, but prednisolone is 4x as strong.

    If I were looking for fast, effective relief, I think I’d go for the Scheriproct too.

  4. gaberoo said

    Interesting…it would make sense that the other local anesthetics ending in “caine” would be related to cocaine since cocaine is also a local anesthetic. Just to clarify, I don’t have, cough, hemorrhoids (I have a fissure) though at one point in time I did think that…till a gastroenterologist assured me I didn’t. I know, “thanks for sharing”. You’re welcome.

  5. Shirley said

    Addendum, in case anyone cares:

    “Dibucaine is a potent, long-lasting agent that is no longer available for systemic use in the United States due to its toxicity profile. It is currently available over the counter as a 0.5% and 1% ointment and cream.”
    — New York State Poison Centers Toxicology newsletter, http://www.upstate.edu/poison/pdf/tox_newsletter/01_07toxnews.pdf

  6. agemorags said

    OMG enjoyed reading this article. I added your feed to my blogreader.

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