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Posted by urufish on September 4, 2007


Yesterday night, I had an hour to kill so I went surfing for information on my little amigo, mi Blackberry.  After a few days, I got used to it and I decided it was time to move to the next level.

 For a long time, there were no decent 3rd party applications for a Blackberry.  A few years ago, there was a good selection.  I dont see a big improvement now, but what I was looking for was there–an English/Spanish/English dictionary.  I had this back in 2005.  I used it a lot.  When I switched to the Nokia in 2006, it didn’t have this.  Yesterday I downloaded it and started using it this morning.  Makes a huge difference when you can find words quickly without having to arm yourself with a 2nd device or worse, a dictionary. 

I like this particular product.  It’s very clean.  And extremely fast.  It always finds what I’m looking for.  I dont think it conjugates verbs though.  Once I’ve got the infinitive, my french kicks in and I’m usually OK. 

I also downloaded a 2nd piece of software.  A bluesky messenger program.  MSM, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo, G-talk, etc.  All in one.  I’m not a chat person, but I loaded up MSM because few of my friends or relatives have Blackberries.  This way my wife can get to me from her desktop instead of having to pick her way through an SMS message.  My daughter uses an Oggo and she’s running MSM 24/7.   It works great…  except I have to get around to turning off the ‘knocking’ when someone appears on line.  I was sitting watching TV last night (on a break), and I heard a knock and walked half way to the door before I realized it was my Blackberry. 

There’s a pile of software avaialble at Handango.  Lots of games.  I’m not a game person.  I bet a lot of business people sitting at airports and on planes are though.  I noticed something funny about Handango.  Lots of comments from Argentinos.  They could be checking my ISP and presenting more ‘local’ information.  Dunno.  Tonight if I have time, I’ll tunnel in from Toronto and see if the comments still have a lot of SA content. 


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