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Getting Dedicado

Posted by urufish on August 27, 2007


Called Dedicado and ordered the 512/512 service last Monday.  The salesman said it will be installed 72 hours after we sign the contract.  They sent the contract over for signature that night.  I expected it to be installed nlt Thursday.  I was wrong.

Installations called on Friday and told us the contract was no good and we had to sign a new one.  When they wrote the original contract on Monday, they wrote in the wrong speeds.  When I signed the contract, I changed the field to 512/512 and initialed it.  In Urugyay, you cant change a contract… You cant initial something.  It has to be rewritten, by the supplier.  Urguay is a little anal (perhaps a little behind the times too), that way. 

I told the installations guy that you dont call a customer 24 hours after you’re supposed to install something to tell them you need to redo the contract.  He assured me if I signed Saturday, the installation would be done Monday.  I believed him.  Stupid me. 

Today we called and asked where the installation crew was.  They said they’d check and call us back.  Normally, I wouldn’t believe this but the Movistar guy had called me back he next day so I figured maybe I was on a roll.  No such luck.  Came 5pm, still nothing so we called in.  With the same information we first called in with (the contract number–they dont have a name or address search), they happily told us our installation was set for Wednesday morning.  I asked what happaned to Monday’s installation.  They said there never was a Monday installation.  I thanked them and said goodbye.

So goes our 72 hour quest for Dedicado service.  I wonder what will happen on Wednesday.  I went up on the roof of our house to see if I could see a tower from here.  We have a 3 story house surrounded by 11 story apartment buildings.  But I did see another house about a block away shooting up Scoseria so I hope we can use that angle.  If not, we will have wasted 10 days for nothing.  Then my only choice will be a 2nd Antedata connection.  Not looking forward to that. 

Update Wednesday morning:  Well, Dedicado showed up while I was in the shower.  I told my wife to tell them to bring it in through the window of my office.  I asked her to ask them if they could get line of site to a Dedicado xmitter and she said they already said they had that figured out.  I finished my shower and went upstairs to check on the guys.  They had already installed the radio.  Turns out there’s a Dedicado tower sitting on one of those apartment buildings that surround me.  Turns out this was the best canyon to be stuck in–200m, uninterrupted view.  

The cable installation didn’t work out as well.  I asked the guy to drill it through the wall, just below my desk.  When he came out the other side, he drilled through a sewer vent, phew.  My office never smelled so delicate before.  I told him to drill another hole to the right of the previous one, 6cm.  He drilled it 20cm.  Oh well.  Sometime this weekend we’ll fix it up.  Plugged both holes for now.  Smell has gone away.  You wonder why techs dont measure out distances before they drill here, but that’s the way it usually is here. 

At the end we measured speed.  I ran a dozen tests spread over a 30 minute period.  Got what we paid for.  The connection will support 3 or 4 simultaneous VoIP connections..  More than sufficient for my needs.  Sometime later this week, we’ll get the VPN going, (we use a pre-IPX NEC so it’s got some quirky requirements.. like it needs dozens of ports to function).  Cant wait for my extension to start ringing.  I used to be the only person in teh company without V-mail.  Hope to continue that wonderful tradition. 


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