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Help wanted

Posted by urufish on June 27, 2007


Every time I read the want ads, I find something I didnt know before.   Probably (hopefully) because my Spanish is getting better…  or maybe it’s because there’s so much to learn there.  

First of all, the distinction between male and female seems much greater than at home.  At home, you cant specifically ask for a particular sex unless the job specifically requires that.  For instance, you cant advertise for a male for as a horseshoe salesman just because few blacksmiths are females.  You certainly can not specify age range.  They do that here a lot.  Chicos, chicas (boys, girls)… Under 25… not over 40.. between 18 and 25. 

Some observations

  • Many ads provide email addresses only.  Others you must come to the address at certain times.  Domestic help is almost always a phone number, frequently a cell.  I dont understand that because the caller has to pay
  • Most advertisements are in the section ‘feminino’.  I always thought that was female.. but I see lots of advertisements for guys there…
  • In the masulino section, I only see ads for guys…  carpenters, electricians, albanils, mostly trades.  Discrimination on this level isn’t allowed in Canada. 
  • The section where they exploit women (girls) is called Trabajos Especiales.. Where else would you see salaries of U$S1000. 

If you are thinking of working here, you might want to try the following employeement/placement agencies.


email: bys@kpmg.com.uy


PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers)



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