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Posted by urufish on June 24, 2007

 gay-pride.jpg Gay pride:  Toronto

Today it was 27 degrees back home.  Thousands of people lined downtown Toronto’s streets Sunday afternoon to enjoy the city’s Pride Parade, Canada’s largest gay pride celebration.

Here in Montevideo: 

Random things from the Gallito, the telephone and life in general… 

Ouch.. my too still aches..  woke me up and has complained every few hours.. non stop….   Cant wait to see the dentist tomorrow.. 

My wife’s cousin calls.  Says ‘are you cold? I’m freezing my ass off’.  I say ‘The heat’s on.  What are you using?’  ‘I’m using estufas’.  ‘How many, just one?’  ‘Yah, I’m freezing to death.’  ‘Cold tonight eh?’ ‘Yah, very’..

CTI – the most aggressive cell provider in Uruguay, is advertising a colour screen Motorola F3 in a prepaid kit.  400UYP.

I see someone has written and is promoting software to handle the new taxes. 

ITAU is making a push for amortized mortgage loans with flexible terms.  Bank Boston never did. 

Buquebus is offering packages from Montevideo to

Buenos Aires family plan 2 adults, 2 children tween 3-7, 2 nights for 6 payments of U$S39 (per adult)

Termas (hot spring) in Arapey, 3 nights for 6 payments of U$S47 (per adult)

Bariloche, 7 days/4 nights (long bus ride eh?) 6 payments of U$S108 (per adult).  Sounds good.  I brought my skis down to Uruguay.  The moving guys laughed at them here in Montevideo.  Good thing they didn’t see my boots. 

Cataracts- Iguazu falls, 7 days/4 nights.  6 payments of U$S64.20

Tacuarembo (northern Uruguay-it’s a bit warmer there), 2 days/1 night.  6 payments of 520UYP.

All inclusive stay at Arapey Thermal Resort y Spa (hot springs) for U$S57/night per person, aparto with 2 bedrooms, 4 adults

I’m sitting here with a friend from Buenos Aires who is jumping up and down because her candidate just won the mayoralty race.  I just saw the new governor of Tiera del Fuego…  In school, I learned about Tiera del Fuego as the most remote place on earth.. the bottom of the world–like being on the moon or something.  And here I am, watching the elections, covered in snow.  Wow. 

Movistar announces new, low, low rates.  Now prime time is only 7UYP/minute.  (U$S0.30).

It’s cold outside.  My daughter came in Uruguayn style, collar up to her nose.. 


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