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Do you suffer from allergies?

Posted by urufish on June 21, 2007


There was a post on the Southron forum about air quality in Montevideo.  Consensus amongst us ex-pats is that it’s so little, it’s nothing to bother a northerner about. 

Pollution aside, there is something you should keep in mind if you plan to live here.  Allergens.  If you’re allergic to anything, until you’ve lived here a few years, you wont know if there’s something new here that will set you off.   It’s likely to happen in the first 12 months you’re here, but sometimes things like molds and spores and even pollens, are suppressed for some environmental reason for a year or two.  I wasn’t so lucky. 

As a kid, I had hay fever, took the scratch tests, found out I was allergic to everything, but only ragweed was bad enough to do something about.  For many years I lived on Chlortripolon in September, then switched to the new drugs, like Claritin.  By the 2000’s, it hardly bothered me.   But last November, it (or something else), hit me like a truck. 

A few days before my birthday in late November, I awoke one morning to a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat.  Over the next 2 days I tried everything I knew, but it just kept getting worse.  It got so bad, I couldn’t sleep.  I was going to book a trip north and hide out for a few weeks until whatever was in the air here, went away.  Fortunately, my wife’s friend knew an allergy specialist and got me in to see her that  evening.  She prescribed me Prednasone, a steroid nose spray and a strong eye drop.  Well, was I surprised.  It was totally gone in a few hours.  After taking the meds for a couple of weeks, I stopped and it never came back.

Moral of the story.  If you are allergic to anything, you may find new allergies here.  Whatever I had was not something the body had ever experienced before and it reacted violently.  If that happens to you here, get in to see an allergy specialist.  If you pay them privately, you can get in same or next day.  I think it was the Prednasone that stopped it cold.  It’s a very, very powerful drug.  I’ve used it before.  Most transplant patients are on it.  It should just about stop any kind of allergic reaction you run into here.

This November, when I see her again, I’m going to ask for a set of scratch tests so I know what it is.  I think it’s a tree.  She thought it was a grass. 


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