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The weather

Posted by urufish on June 20, 2007


Today, for the first time in what, at least a month??? we had a stormy day here in Montevideo.  Not a lightshow day–just dark.  Eerily dark.  It’s half past 3 in the afternoon and I thought it was nighttime already.  All our lights are on.  Those clouds are so dark and so thick, I’ll bet those of you using DirecTV today are pixelating like crazy.  It feels like someone took the Atlantic and stuck it above Montevideo. 

Maybe this is a personal opinion, but it sure seems like no one is doing much of anything today.  When it gets like this and rains (which it’s doing right now), everyone I know stays inside.  If you dont have to go to work today, you stay home.  Even if you stay home, you aren’t particularly ambitious.  I think it’s because the weather here is usually blue sky or at least some blue sky.  When you get the odd day like this, you just write it off.  I think depressing would be too strong a word to use.  More like boring.  

On the positive side, my front yard is getting a much needed watering.  In Toronto, come the fall, no one cares about whether the grass is wet or not.  It’s going to die now and be reborn in the spring anyway.  But here, it stays green all year long.  If it doesn’t rain in the fall, you have to water it or it will die and probably not come back (without financial assistance). 

I think teenagers are a good gauge of the general feeling.  Mine went to sleep at 1pm, when this started and is still sleeping now.  She’s one of the ones who doesn’t have to work today.  As for me, I’m doing filing, hahahah. 


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