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House for rent in Piriapolis (1 of 2)

Posted by urufish on June 8, 2007

 No.  We haven’t gone into the real estate business.  One of the Southron board members wants to spend some time in the countryside later this year.  We mentioned one of our friends has a property in Piriapolis that’s available.  He asked us to send him some pictures.  Lacking the necessary skills to do this practically by way of a private reply, and seeing it may have some value to visitors to this site who may want to know what kind of properties are avaialble, I decided to post it here. 

I’ll add some background too that hopefully, you find interesting.  My wife and I have summered (her longer, me shorter) in Piriapolis since 1985.  We purchased the ‘house on the hill’ and fixed it up 85-87.  In the early 90’s she made a bunch of friends in the town and soon knew a lot about what was going on there.  One of the things she learned (by osmosis) was the summer rental market.. bust and boom and all things inbetween.  Her best friend had a few rental properties and my wife helped her out on occasion.  We’ve been asked many times to rent out our house and have politely declined. 

Beteen New Years and the end of February, is the prime rental season in Piriapolis, as it is in PDE.  It seems that everyone has something for rent.   When Piriapolis is having a good year, many people move out of their homes, into their garages to make extra cash.   We can tell how well the town is doing by asking the Barometrica guy how well he’s doing.  There’s a direct relationship between effluent and seasonal prosperity. 

The property in the pictures is a block from the main supermarket in town, the Devoto.  Seems an odd thing to say, but that makes it extremely convenient to someone vacationing there.  The store has everything possible you could want, including a great cafeteria.  It’s a great place to socialize too.  It’s a 10 minute walk to the bus terminal, which makes it easy to get to MVD or PDE or places North and East.  It’s a 15 minute walk to the beach and the centre of town. 

She has a couple of other rental properties too.  Some are for sale (as is most of Piriapolis :).  If you’re interested in knowing more about the town, here’s an old post…   https://urufish.wordpress.com/tag/history/



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