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The Block – W side of Scoseria, Roque Graseras to Tomas Diago

Posted by urufish on June 2, 2007

These photos represent all the houses on the West side of Scoseria, starting at Roque Graseras and ending at Tomas Diago.

From left to right.. the first picture is a little, orphaned apartement building.  Considering it’s neighbour(s) are in good repair, we expect this little fellow to stay lonely for some time.  

The house with the blue moto in front of it is something of a mystery to me.  My wife and I dong agree on what it is.  I am certain is a very boutiquish type of restaurant that only caters to people who are invited.  There’s no name on it.  I suspect the owners live upstairs.  One day we will find out. 

The third picture shows two houses, built originally the same, now finishes slightly differently.  I believe those are domestics waiting outside.  It’s very common for these houses to have live-out ladies.  Years ago, it was more common for them to livein. 

The next 2 houses includes my immediate neighbour.  He’s from Argentina.  He keeps his Argentine plates on his car to save $3K a year in taxes.  These 2 houses are very well kept, stunning inside.  My neighbour is still 2 or maybe 3 months away from completing his restoration but when he’s finished, it will be great.  He put an old fashioned wood burning high efficiency stove in the middle of the house with the chimney pipe going straight up the middle through 2 floors.  Hopefully, he can use it before the winter is over :). 

The last one is ours.  We usually have our cortinas open when the sun is shining.  But today I was on my own and I’m bad about things like that.   Things of interest…  The light poles you see outside were shipped from Toronto.  Made in China.  Good quality, cast aluminum.  Should last a long time.  The house is in the colonial style.  This is the predominant house style in Colonia, a famous tourist area Northwest of Montevideo.   The perimeter fence is new, built this year.  But the bars on the windows and that set of gates you see at the front door are from 1925.  The quality of the iron work is outstanding.  The way the window bars curl at the top is uncommon in Pocitos.  I tried to get someone to make the fence in the same style but they say these skills no longer exist in Uruguay.  You cant see the details in this this photo but there are nearly 50 handpainted tiles that are embedded in the front steps and fence pillars.  The theme is Don Quixote, Man of Lamancha.  Each tile depicts an experience from the book.  There is one other house in Pocitos with a similar theme, but with bigger tiles.  In the spring, we will hire an artist from the Tile Museum (around the corner), to restore the tiles back to their original condition.  Then we will cover each one in glass to keep them in perfect state for many years to come.  Someone told me the other day the place looks a little like the Alamo..  Really???

p2280052-small.jpg p2280053-small.jpg p2280054-small.jpg p2280055-small.jpg p2280056-small.jpg


3 Responses to “The Block – W side of Scoseria, Roque Graseras to Tomas Diago”

  1. urufish said

    Yesterday, I decided to take out the heavy artillery… My Sony alpha-100. It holds over 2000 pictures. The plan was to shoot every house/apartment/building store on both sides of the street for a one block radius. Worked pretty good until the power died. Forgot to charge it before I left. hahahaha..
    Got back to the house to download the pictures and guess what. I cant find the darned cable. Unfortunately, Sony, like several other ‘think they’re the only ones in the world’ manufacturers use a unique cable – unique to Sony. Every one else uses a standard or mini USB, not these guys. So today, I’m going to the mall to pickup a smartcard reader.
    I will give it a week on the cable. I’m sure it’s here somewhere. Problem is everything got moved around when we moved to the house.

  2. Josefe said

    Hi Urufish,
    Unlucky, hope you find the cable soon; I am looking forward to see your virtual tour.
    Those houses sure look nice 🙂

  3. urufish said

    Never got around to picking up the reader. Met an expat here who offered his multi-disk reader.. but it didn’t work out. It’s a compact flash card. he didn’t have the hookup for it.

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