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Posted by urufish on May 27, 2007


When we moved to Uruguay, we brought our worldly possessions.  This is what a container manifest looks like.  Not very complicated nor does it need to be highly detailed.  It can NOT contain any banned or illegal items as it pertains to the maritime shipping act, the carrier’s own requirements or the government of Uruguay.  For instance, you dont want to list liquor or motorycycles.  Of course, you can bring things you cant bring in duty free, like a motorcycle or a car, but then you pay the duties and taxes, or spend the rest of your life here, hiding them from the police. 

It works in Spanish and/or English.  We did ours in Spanglish. 



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  1. Greg said

    Very good information. I am buying a chacra in Urugauy and have a few questions about the process of moving your household goods. Are you taxed on regular household goods? Things like garden tools, lawn mower, power tools from my workshop? I am an American, but my partner is an Urugayan who is also an American. How long did the container take to get to MVD?
    We would be shipping from Houston. Thank you for your help.

  2. urufish said

    If you apply for residency here, you can bring your ‘household’ items with you duty free. Although you often see me (and others) use the word ‘container’ you can bring more than one if that’s what you need (I brought 1.5). The only limit is you must clear them all at the same time.

    You can put anything ‘legal’ in the container, including the items you describe above. For a list of ‘illegal’ things (other than the obvious), your shipper will be able to provide that to you. I mentioned the obvious here or in another post. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. You cant bring in trucks, automobiles, motorcycles of any size or parts for the two of these.

    Containers average 30 days from NYC. If it ships out of Houston, should be around the same, 30-40 days.

    Have you arranged for the packing, shipping and customs brokers for the container yet? In the past couple of weeks, several readers started the process or are in the process of shipping containers from Houston, Dallas via Houston and LA.

  3. Mark Gomez said

    Urufish –

    Thanks for the info on what can and can’t be brought in country. Myself and some co-workers will be relocating to Uruguay in the next couple of months. When you say that you can’t bring in cars in by container, does that mean you can’t import (or bring) any vehicles into the country as part of expatriation/relocation?

    If not, what are the taxes and duties that have to be paid on any vehicle that you bring in country? Can you point me somwhere or provide a few bullet points?

    Thanks so much!


  4. urufish said

    Hi Mark… The new law prohibits the importation of any used car, truck, bus or motorcycle… It doesn’t say specifically that if you bring one in, you can elect to pay duties on it. Put your local consul to work and ask him to get a ruling for you.

    Of course, you can bring vehicles with you on a temporary basis. You’ll get a visa which as I recall is good for 90 days. I believe you can either get an extension, or take it to BA on the buquebus and when you bring it back, get another visa. You can not continue this indefinitely but practically speaking, you should be able to get at least 6 months out of it, maybe even get a year.

    When you say expatriation/relocation are you talking about a Uruguayan returning to Uruguay after living abroad for more than 3 years? You used to be able to bring a car in under that classification but it disappeared long ago.

    Taxes and duties are based on Uruguay’s valuation of the vehicle which is usually substantially more than the street value in NA. Taxes and duties run around 50% of the value assessed on the vehicle..

    Not sure where I’d point you for bullet points. There’s a dialog over at the southron site….

    Check the headers for immigration or importing goods or vehicles into the country. There are some posts showing it’s legal. Those are wrong. Read further down and you’ll see the corrections.

    When I was visiting here 2-3 weeks a year, I bought an older, used car for a good price that I could resell for little depreciation. You may want to do the same thing, depending on how long you plan on staying here. If you can live with a motorcycle, even better. Much cheaper. It doesn’t rain a whole lot here. I see everyone still riding their motos, even in the dead of winter. You just have to dress a little warmer.

  5. Katherine said

    If anyone could point me to a shipper that moves from Los Angeles,CA I would be most grateful. I am planing to move to Montevideo in March of 08. I have a lot of electronic gear for music production and editing. Oh, and a “real” piano (upright). I am a composer and am also interested in coresponding with other musicians and composers. Thanks so much from Katherine

  6. Urufish said

    How’s your spanish? If not so good, do you have a friend who could xlate for you. I can give you a couple of numbers to call here in Uruguay to start the process with.
    Finding a shipper in LA who will pack a container carefully and ship it to Uruguay is relatively simple.
    The more difficult part is connecting with a company here to clear the container and to deliver it to you.
    By talking to them here, they may have someone they know or could recommend to you in LA.
    Let me know.

  7. Reuben said

    Hi there…
    I just stumbled accross this site and I’m glad I did. I understand the shipping rules that have been outlined but does anyone know of the wealth tax that is imposed? Is it imposed upon people who own rental properties in Uruguay and what are those taxes. Also, what other taxes are imposed on Americans living part time is SAmerica?


  8. urufish said

    I cant recall the specifics… but in general, if your property (real estate and vehicles) exceeds a minimum (about USD250K), you’re taxed (sliding scale) up to 2% of the book value of your properties.. That’s usually around half of the real value. A friend of mine with about 1 mil in real property pays around $2K per year for the wealth tax.

    When Uruguay brought in the new income tax this year, one of the promises was to reduce the ‘wealth’ tax over the next several years. If the income tax works out, I believe that the wealth tax will be removed.

    This tax applies to everyone, resident and non-resident.

    Non residents are not taxed differently than residents. If you make an income from your labours in Uruguay, you must pay income tax. If you fall into this category, what you pay Uruguay is deductable with IRS. If you own a property and rent it, you are supposed to pay 12% of the net rental income. This is a fixed rate regardless of how much $ you generate in rental income.

  9. Jaz said

    I’m thinking of shipping house hold and a SUV (I’m getting married in Uruguay) but I heard that once it get to port they might not release your personal items to you. I am American and live in Orlando, FL. Can you give me some pointers.

  10. urufish said

    Hell Jaz. First of all, congratuilations… Are you of Uruguayan or South American descent or just plain multi-generation American?

    There is a logical and formal process for bringing one’s personal effects into Uruguay. Uruguay extends this proviledge to people becoming permanent residents of Uruguay. If you’re marrying a Uruguayan and you are not a Uruguayan resident now, you can start this process. The process takes about a year to complete and at that time, they’ll give you a document that authorizes the customs people to let in your personal effects tax free..

    If you want to bring in your personal and household items BEFORE you are given ‘permanent residence’, you can still bring them in duty free by posting a cash bond with customs. It’s not a great deal of money. An immigration consultant can tell you exactly what it will be.

    The SUV is the big deal…. For the last 2 years, Uruguay has not allowed anyone to bring in a vehicle, new or used, without paying the duty… The duty is substantial… more like obscene. My immigration consultant told me last week that the government is now going to reverse that decision. We dont know when they will, but it could fit in nicely with your wedding plans.

    If you’re interested in more detail, give me your personal email address and we can continue this thread off line.

    Again, congratulations. And welcome to the family 🙂

  11. Agnieszka said

    Hi, I;m Polish residen married to an Uruguayan in Nevada over a year ago, we legalized our marriage in Embassy in California. Im in US and my husband is already there, Does anyone know how to start the legalization process so I can ship the container in my name and not to pay the taxes ?
    Im in Boston, any recomendations for shiping companies in this area?

  12. urufish said

    You’re married to a Uruguayan so he can sponsor you. The immigration act was recently changed and from what is being written in the papers, the immigration officers are interpeting rules differently now. In your case, they say they’re now ‘expediting’ spouses. That should mean you only need to show your legalized marriage certificate (legalized by a Uruguayan consulate in the US). Remember that your documents/legalization stamp is only good for a limited time. I believe it’s 6 months. If yours was stamped/legalized more than 6 months ago, you need to have it done again.

    The container is a little different. If your husband lived outside Uruguay for a while (not sure of the exact time–could be one or 2 years), he is entitled to bring his personal possessions back to Uruguay. Doesn’t matter if they’re yours or his because you’re married. It belongs to the both of you.

    You’re lucky if you do that because the law just changed and he can bring a car with him. Could be any kind of car at all, new or used. He qualifes as a returning Uruguayan. You are not a returning Uruguayan so you could not qualify for the car. If you have to (or want to) bring the container in your name, you must have your permant residency. They say they will make this faster now, but it will probably still take several months. Until you have your permanet residency, you can not enter a container duty free. You will have to post a bond or cash which you will get back when you do get your permanent residency.

  13. Agnieszka said

    Yhank you for your detailed message , if was very helpfull to come across somebody with recent information. My husband was residing in US for 16 yrs, but now he is in Uruguay, can I ship the container in his name? What are he steps to follow? How much is the bond ?
    I’m also bringing a cat are ther any special restrictions besides health certivicate and shots?

    I’m moving in June and I was wondering if you have any suggestions how to find a container company in Boston, MA or New York directly ?

    Thanks 🙂

  14. urufish said

    Yes, I would recommend you have your husband do the paperwork. If he is in Uruguay now, he can speak to the Foreign Affairs department and ask them for the paperwork and rules. If he does it in his name, there will be no bond because he is entitled to bring his personal possesions AND car as a returning resident ONE TIME EXEMPTION.

    Cats and dogs are both welcomed in Uruguay. For the exact requrements, call the consulate nearest to you and ask them. I brought a ferret here. The veterinarian gave the animal the required shots. I gave his certificate to the government office which issued a dept of agriculture certificate for the animal. That was all Uruguay requires. There is no quarantine required.

    The best suggestion I can give you is to try to find a Club Uruguay in the New York area. We had one in Toronto. The people who manage it know everything. They will know who does containers to Uruguay from New York. If you cant find someone who specializes in this, then you have work to do. You can call any container company and get a price to ship a container to Uruguay. It’s about USD2000 for a 40 foot container. Probablhy around $1250 for a 20 foot container. I know people who just asked the container to be delivered to their driveway and filled it themselves.. Then you have to arrange customs in Uruguay.. None of this is difficult, but it takes time and it’s frustrating. That’s why I recommended you find someone in NYC who specializes in shipping containers. The consul at the Uruguay consulate in NYC should know people who do this. That’s what he’s there for. To know these things and pass them on to people like you.

  15. Agnieszka said

    Thanks so much for your information 🙂

    I have one quick question, does my husband need to own the car for two years in orer to be able to bring it to Uruguay?

    Thank you

  16. urufish said

    Sorry I didn’t back to you yesterday… I started drinking early yesterday… too much too fast 🙂 🙂 :)…

    Your husband was away for 30 years. His brain is stuck in the old days when those rules applied. That rule changed many times. But now, there’s no such thing. The new government, lacking the experience of having ever governed before is making the same mistakes as the old governments, who fixed them and learned from their lessons.

    The way the law is written, it doesn’t place any restrictions on either the age of the car, how long you owned or the price. All 3 of these conditions applied with older governments. We were joking about this new law. The way it is written, no self respecting Uruguayan will bring a car for themsleves. They’ll bring something they can sell quickly at a high profit. For instance, you can bring a brand new Mercedes or BMW and sell it here and make USD25K-35K. If you’re really a chicken at heart, you make a deal with a car dealer to buy it from you as soon as you get here. This is an old tradition in Uruguay, going back many years.

  17. urufish said

    Oops.. forgot a couple of things. There is one restriction. You cant sell it for one or two years, cant remember. It really doesn’t matter, you can still sell it the moment you get here. You just have to sell it Uruguayan style… a la usufructo.

    Other point is more important. This law came out a month or so ago. Uruguay changes laws on a whim. If you want to take advantage of it, you have to move quickly. It may not be the same law in 3 months. We were joking about that too. As soon as 20-30 MB’s/BMW’s show up under this new law, the government will wake up and change it.

  18. Agnieszka said

    Thanks 🙂
    same law applies with motorcycles?

    Take care and have good weekend !!!

  19. Anonymous said

    IMHO, NO. When I read the law, I specifically remember it saying car (in Spanish).

  20. Anonymous said


  21. urufish said

    Looks like our old Xenophobe’s back… and off his meds again…
    Have a nice day anyway….

  22. Nando said

    Hola Urufish quiero mandar una caja con ropa para mis viejos en Uruguay desde Orlando Fl como hago? Tenes contactos? I want to ship a box of clothes to my parents in Uruguay from Orlando Fl can you help any info? Thanks

  23. urufish said

    This may sound simple, but the best way is the post office.
    It’s cheap. You want to pay a bit more to require signature service. This way all the clothes should arrive. The box should not disappear.
    We did this for many years when we lived in Toronto.

    The reason I suggest US post is because Uruguay has no tariffs on used clothing. Customs doesn’t get involved.

  24. Agnieszka said

    Hi Urufish,
    I’m married to Uruguayan, but I haven’t obtained Uruguayan residency. My husbend relocated there 4 months ago, I’m coming this July and I was planning the shippment of our households goods but I’m coming across a lot of resistance from Uruguayan consulate .According to them I have to come there as a tourist not as an wife of Uruguayan and than I need to fix my residency. The problem is they are not allowing me to take our stuff, since I’m not returning Uru. Do you have any suggestions where to access more information? I’m aware that ther is a bond if i come a s atourist , do you have any idea how much is the bond and how long the residency process takes. I’m planning to take no electronics to make it easier, just used clothing and house stuff)
    I was told that once my husband enters Uruguay he cant ship his belongings in his name , is there any grace period after entering the country?or after 4 months of being in Uru. he cant claim it . (he was residing in US for 16 yr. )
    In consulate I was told Im the first case like that and they have no idea what to do 🙂
    well……, my ticket is for July 2.
    Any ideas how to deal with this issue ????

    Thanks a lot ,
    Take care

  25. Anonymous said

    You’re getting a whole lot of bad advice.
    Let’s start with the simplest part… your husband. My wife is also a Uruguayan who lived outside Uruguay for over 30 years. She came back to Uruguay every year in December and went back to Canada in March. So my wife entered Uruguay more than 30 times and she had no problem applying for and using the once per lifetime exemption to bring in household goods duty free.
    To make it even clearer for you, when she came to Uruguay in November 2005, we decided to stay. She didn’t go back to Toronto until July–to pack up our household things and make the application to the consulate for her container. The only thing they asked her for was her income tax forms to prove that she did really live in Canada for the previous 3 years.

    The advice they gave you about coming here as a tourist is strange too. I assume you’re coming here from a country that doesn’t require a Uruguayan visa to enter the country? Correct? If so, when you enter the country, you have to fill in an immigration form, (like the rest of us), and mark it as a tourist. There’s nothing on it to mark for being someone’s wife or husband anyway. I came to Uruguay 30-40 times since the early 80’s. I was the husband of a Uruguayan. I checked of tourist.. It was the only checkbox that made any sense.

    If you did decide to bring goods under your exemption, you must tell customs you’re applying for residency and will be seeking to have the goods entered duty free. They’ll ask you to post a bond. If you’re bringing used clothes and household stuff, keep in mind that used clothing has no duties whatsoever. So it’s off the table as far as the bond goes. Used household goods aren’t usually worth much for resale. Your bond shouldn’t be much.. Perhaps a few thousand dollars. An immigration expert with customs experience can tell you exactly.

    If it was me though, I’d have the goods entered in your husband’s name as a returning Uruguayan. He also qualifies to bring a car now without paying duty. That’s a new law that came into effect last month.

    Your residency process, if you’re applying as a wife and your husband makes enough money to satisfy immigration that you wont be a burden on Uruguay’s social system, (there isn’t one but maybe they’re thinking of having one someday), you will get your temporary residency within a few weeks and your permanent residency within a year. HOWEVER, if you dont do everything perfectly, those time frames go out the window. It could take a lot longer.

    If you can afford $500, hire an immigration counselor here to guide you through this whole process. If not, just take your chances and be persistent. Uruguay doesn’t want to prevent anyone from coming here (like the 1st word does), but they insist you come here by the book. If you dont know or understand the rules, then hire someone who does or be prepared to lose time.. perhaps a lot of time.

    I was lucky. My wife and daughter were citizens (not that it helped me at all), so it was only me that had to go through this process. One of our friends is a lawyer with the ministry of public works and although she knew nothing about the immigration process, she learned quickly and told me what to do each step of the way. I lived around the corner from the Uruguayan consul in Toronto and that helped a bit too. Didn’t have to go the consulate to get things stamped. He brought the stamps home 🙂

    But regardless of the help I had, the process will be the same for you as it is everyone.

  26. Agnieszka said

    Hi, thank you for your nice reply , it made me feel a little better 🙂
    We are trying to bring our belongings in my husbands name but he ws told that he has 90 days to declare it? WEll I guess we go and keep asking ,since I have a feeling it can be done when in contact with right source.

    Well , thank you again , is nice to hear some good news 🙂
    Take care

  27. urufish said

    I think they’re telling you he has 90 days from AFTER he ‘returns’ to Uruguay to make this declaration from INSIDE Uruguay.

    This is different from the way we did it. My wife did this from OUTSIDE Uruguay when she went back to Toronto to pack.

    If he goes back to the US (like my wife did) to visit/tidy up things, he can go to the consulate and make out the forms then. Of course, he needs the manifest of what he’s sending and some other documentation they’ll tell them about.

  28. Rainey Threadgill said

    Interested in moving to Uruguay and have questions? We have a family of 6 and interested in many questions.

    Thank you,


  29. Rainey Threadgill – Wire Transfer to states of of foreign nations take 3 to 5 business days. If you are buying a home in foreign coutries. Be sure to hire an attorney that can be recommended by the local government. Many locals have deceptive ways to get you to buy. Rainey Threadgill has help many customers save on fees by wire funds directly to banks.

  30. Doruletz said

    Hi Urufish.
    I read all your posts with outmost interest. We live in the US and want to move to Uruguay. Both my wife and I are 41 yrs of age, not retired, no monthly pension or other income. We will have suficient funds to come over with in order to buy a house, start a small business, etc.
    My main question is: Can we get the permanent residency processed and approved at an Uruguay Consulate and obtain it pryor to coming to Uruguay?
    Also does your mover Canur Courier Service have people in the US? Or can your Oscar come to the US and do / supervise the packing?
    Is it better if I buy my own container(s)? Can I keep / use / sell them in Uruguay?
    If I want to bring a 2007 model vehicle will it be dutty free or do you have any ideea on how much the dutty tax will be?
    Please reply. Thanks.

  31. lucia said

    Hola Urufish

    Me vuelvo a vivir a Uy despues de 3 anios de estar en NYC.
    Hay alguna empresa que puedas recomendarme para mandar cosas personales? Seria basicamente ropa, cosas de la casa, libros, etc. Alguna vez he mandado cosas por correo comun a mi familia pero ahora serian mas cajas (3-5) y mas pesadas.

    muchas gracias!

  32. lucia said

    Sorry, me again, in English

    I’m Uruguayan and moving back from NYC to Montevideo…can you recommend me a company to send some personal items like cloths, house staff, books, etc?…I’ve used the normal post office before to send things for my family but now they are more (aprox 5 medium size boxes) and heavier.

    Thanks a lot!

  33. urufish said

    Hola Lucia. There is a ‘discussion group’ on the internet for english speaking immigrants to Uruguay. You can find it at http://www.southron.net.
    This question came up a couple of times in the past year. The most economical way to send boxes is through the US postal service.
    If you are only sending items like used clothes and books, etc, there are no duties. If you were planning to send other things that duty applies to, and you are coming back to live here, you should go to the Uruguay consulate and get the papers that allow you to bring back household good duty free.
    One more very important thing. Last month, Uruguay passed a law that allows you to bring back an automobile without paying duties. Many Uruguayans are taking advantage of this because the duty on cars is so heavy. Some Uruguayans are using this to make money 🙂

    Good luck.

  34. lpeewee said

    Dear Urufish,

    We are interested in getting quotes for shipping a container to Uruguay – I tried to find the web page for Canur, but the links don’t see to work any more. We are in the San Diego, California area. Any contacts you have for shipping companies would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much, Lpeewee

  35. urufish said

    With the changes in the past couple of years with immigration, customs and a lot of other things with the government here, some of the companies that specialized in Uruguayan expat returns (and immigrants) took a hiaetus.

    My first recommendation is to contact the Uruguayan consul for your area and ask him if he knows anyone in the expat community that does this. If not, then he’ll know at least a couple of companies that he could recommend to you. The consuls use the same service you’d use when they go back to Uruguay, so they must know.

    If you draw a blank there, just call around a few shipping companies and find a reliable outfit to at least ship the container. You can load it yourself or pay a couple of guys to do it for you. As long as you follow the rules set out by the consul in your area and make sure your manifest is fully detailed and properly documented, you just need to find a broker here in Montevideo to clear it for you. If you go to http://www.sociedadsouthron.net and register, you can query the database there for ‘customs’ ‘brokers’ ‘immigration’ and you’ll find a ton of posts from other Americans who’ve shipped containers to Uruguay in the past several months.

  36. Andre Verwey said

    I notice a number of people asking questions, particulary about the importation of cars. Now some of them must have gone through the “Trauma” of bringing a car into Uruguay. It would be helpful if those people also make a post about their particular experiences in doing so.
    Does anyone know a website or place where one can see the laws as they are being promulgated?
    With respect to Urufish and your post of the 9th of October, where can one get the law or ruling, on paper in order to place in front of the Customs Officer when he turms around and says
    “No…..You must pay 100% duty” I can bought a brand new Mercedes ML320 CDI in Florida USA for U$S40,000 with official and legalised copies of the invoice from the dealer.
    Even at 100% duty it would be a bargain……but bureaucracy in Urugauy sometimes takes on mean and disproportionate values. Most times a case of the “Have Nots” that as a result of their “Position” can decide that those that can have….may not have.

  37. urufish said

    What a coincidence. This issue came up yesterday with one of our friends who is in Uruguay this week working on the renovation of a home they bought last year on San Antonio.
    Her lawyer says you can bring a car in. I questioned that statement for three major reasons.
    First.. The decreto as written (the last time I saw it) is specific to ‘returning Uruguayans’ – NOT NEW IMMIGRANTS. I published it somewhere on southron.net. A search of the site should be able to find it.
    Second.. I have yet to speak to anyone or hear from anyone, that they brought a car in.
    Thirdly, and perhaps the most obvious to me, all the Uruguayan guys in the shipping business that made tons of money ‘running’ cars into Uruguay before the law was changed several years ago have NOT started up operations again.

    It is possible I simply haven’t heard from anyone doing it yet, but our links with the Toronto Uruguay community (which is very large and was very active in ‘running’ cars back in the 90’s and early 2000’s) are still pretty strong and we havent heard a thing.

    I did hear about some people who jumped the gun as it were and who had cars piling up storage fees several months ago while customs diddled away.

    On the first point, there may be some wiggle room but I really doubt it. The wiggling was based on a change in the way Uruguay looks at immigrants for purposes of bringing in a container. Before, an immigrant could get their landed status (permanent cedula) and bring in their container as usual… But it seems that the law was changed and when you get your permanent cedula, you can not apply for your container from within Uruguay. You must go back to your country of origin and make application there, AS IF YOU WERE A RETURNING URUGUAYAN, (that’s the way you do it if you’re a citizen coming back–which I have personal experience with and can vouch for that).

    As a legal argument, one of the fellows caught up in this took the position if he was now considered a returning Uruguayan, he should be entitled to bring a car too. As far as I know, that argument wasn’t accepted by duana. 99.9% sure that car thing ended up on the trash heap.

    The duty on a car here is punitive. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors.. going back to the mid 80’s when we first considered bringing our car(s) here. Rule of thumb is 100% on the street. I dont think dealers pay that kind of duty. But there are 3 taxes that you get whacked with so maybe if one tax is piled on top of another (very unAmerica but quite common elsewhere in the world), perhaps it does double the price of the car.

    With the North American luxury car market in the toilet, and no end in sight seen for lease jumpers in the BMW/MB and Jaguar class, you probably would pay less to haul in a 2008 or 2009 luxury car than to buy it here. Always keep in mind that taxes are assessed on the market price value of the car based on duana’s book. The one time I tried to bring in my 380, even though it was 5 years old at the time and worth 25% of the sale price, duty was assed on its sale price, as if it were new. This is based on the Uruguayan mentality that they should get the tax on the car as if it was imported into Uruguay from the manufacturer. Imagine paying $30K tax on a car worth $12K.. Strange but true.

  38. Thiago said

    Urufish ! Please help.

    If anyone knows wheather it is legal to ship used clothes to Uruguay, please email me at thiago_bahia@hotmail.com

    Urufish I know you will know this ! So if you’re around pls contact me through email.

    Now I want to ship used clothes for commercial purposes. I’m talking about a container load, at least once a month. Being shipped from Houston. I’m aware that countries like Brazil prohibits the entry of used clothes for commercial purposes unless you can prove it is going to a religious or other philantropic orgazination. What are the rules for Uruguay ?

  39. Dorothy said

    Bringing a car to Uruguay. My husband and I plan to retire there and he has been away from Uruguay for 35 years. We have a car but it is in my name as you cannot register in both names. Since3 we have been married for 20 years, can the car be brought in together or do I need to change the name on the ownership before we arrive.

  40. Dorothy said

    Re cars to Uruguay, can I have a document drawn up that says we both own the car before we apply to bring it back.

  41. urufish said

    Uruguay’s laws are archaic. Your husband probably knows this. If you sign something with black ink instead of blue, legally, it’s a mess. If you make a mistake on a check, even a spelling mistake, the check will be sent back. See what I mean.
    Bringing in a car is a big deal here. There are rules about how old it an be and how old “you”, the returning Uruguayan, owned it.
    Find out how long you have to have owned the car and if you’re not bringing it before that length of time, transfer the ownership now so it appears in his name for the time the law requires. First, check with the Uruguayan consul where you live. Then have your husband ask one of his family members to check here. Then compare notes. If they agree, it’s the correct method.

  42. kristina said

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can send a small box of books to Uruguay for a discounted price less than 200 dollars

  43. urufish said

    Most of us use Miami Box for things like books and CD’s. Either them or the post office. There is no duty on books so there should be no holdup with customs.

  44. gengriffnicky said

    Hello, I have read the other posts, my boyfriend is from Uruguay and we are going to move there and get married there. We need information on bringing our things and truck there. Since he is from there I believe our things will be duty free, the truck is in my name, but if we change it to his, does it have to be in his name for 2 years or does it matter?


  45. urufish said

    If he qualifies as a returning Uruguayan, yes, he can bring back used, personal effect without paying duty.
    Ask him to speak with the Urugayan consulate closest to where you live to find out if he can produce the necessary documents to qualify him as per Uruguay’s requirements.
    Same thing goes for the truck. The government has changed this ‘returning Uruguayan bringing a vehicle law’ so many times, I can’t keep track.
    As soon as the government opens this up, even a crack, all the automotores in Uruguay put as much pressure as they can on anyone they know in the government to close it again.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it got closed down again in the next year or two.

    I hope your boyfriend has good job prospects here, comes from a wealthy family that will share their wealth with him or he will continue working for the company he works for now, but from Uruguay. Getting a job here that pays well is rare indeed. Most of the Uruguayans I know who come back here at a young age, give up a lot of the lifestyle they had elsewhere. It’s made up for by family but if you’re not Uruguayan, you may not appreciate or may not even comprehend the value of that relationship.

  46. gengriffnicky said

    Thankyou for your reply!

    I believe he does qualify for returning, we will drive to the consulate wed or thurs in Miami for more info.

    As for work: his family owns a good company there and wishes for him to run it soon, he has never been interested, but now almost 40 and wanting to start a family, he has decided that it is time for it now. We are ready to have a family and want to be close to relatives, as my family lives and France and travels a lot, we will be close to his in Uruguay, with also my family looking into retirememt there.

    I have income that will come in from the US as well as France, so we should be able to live more comforatable there than in S. Fla!! And we feel family is more important and willing to make the move, as well as are children growing up without all the materialism and horrific foods here!!

  47. urufish said

    I’m sure he qualifies in theory if he’s been in the US for more than a few years. What I meant is does he have the paperwork to qualify. I know more than a few Uruguayans who lived in the US for several years but didn’t file taxes under their own names. The consul said the only proof they would accept was 2 (or 3??) years of income tax returns. When we moved here, I show them 3 years of returns for my wife.

    Also make sure you understand the new incom tax changes that are being introduced. Once you become a permanent resident or spouse, your taxation changes. If you hold joint assets outside Uruguay, those will be taxed on his half. If his family runs a good company, they probably have a good accountant who can give you good advice on how to set things up.

    If you’re big on family, this is the country to be in. Families and friendships are forever. You dont get the churn you’re used growing up as an American. But in the 5 years I’ve been here, Uruguay has changed a lot. Still a long way from life in the USA, but not quite the same as it was. The government wants Uruguay to be first world. They dont understand what that will do to the society. Materialism is a strong drug.

  48. gengriffnicky said

    He is a resident here and has been 10 years here, hopefully we will find out everything when we go to the consulate. We hope Uruguay doesnt change much more as we want to escape the “drugs” here for our future family! Ive lived out of the US on and off and perfer outside US. Family is the most important to us and hope to find a good balence of life there. We do not share accounts so that shouldnt be a problem. I do thank you for the info and concern. Ive been researching a lot and he goes back a few times a year and knows of the job dilema there.

  49. urufish said

    You cant escape drugs. Even here in Uruguay there is a big drug problem. Our drug of choice now is paste base. Crack cocaine. There’s only one defense against drugs. Spend a lot of time with your kids. Watch them closely. Watch their friends even more closely. In other words, give them the illusion of privacy but not the reality. If they get into drugs, they’re not going to tell you. You find out on your own. Call it spying or paranoia but when you see what it does to families with kids that got into drugs, you see it’s a war. All is fair in war.

  50. Kris said

    I see on your manifest that you brought several lamps. I’m surprised, as I thought you needed an inverter for all electric items that are not rated for 220 volts. Do the US/Canadian 110 lamps work with just a plug converter?

  51. urufish said

    110v incandescent lamps work with 220v without any alterations necessary. You just leave your 110v bulbs at home. Buy 220v bulbs when you arrive. Although the lamps have UL (or CSA) stickers that rate them for ‘x’ watts and 110v, they’re there just because they’re sold in North America. A 110v lamp is built to a higher standard than a 220v lamp so there’s no issue using it in a 220v country.
    Electronic lamps are a different animal. These are the ones with electronics built into the base. For those, a 110/220v converter is needed.

  52. justin said

    Hi ,
    I am looking to start exporting used clothing from canada to uruguay(or importing used clothing from canada to uruguay) wich ever works out better. Do you have any ideas on if there is a ban on the import of used clothing to see wholesale.I know argentina no longer allows the import of used clothing for re-sale. I am sure you know as much as me it is rediculous to try and get information to this subject while in uruguay as people are always “unavalable” Any information could help.Thank you
    p.s i am a canadian resident. I am hoping to some day seek uruguayan citizenship .
    Thank you

  53. Anonymous said

    I will be moving the Uruguay in a few months and shipping some household stuff there once I have arrived. I will aply immediately for residency.
    Question 1: I was told that once you apply for residency that you can get a temporary residency while it’s in motion. Will this temporary sttus allow me to ship my belongings duty free or will I have to wait until the process is fully complete?
    Question 2: In my shipment container I will be bringing about 5 guitars, electric and acoustic, a couple amplifiers and some microphones, all for personal use. Will these things be treated any differently than any other personal belongings?
    Please let me know asap.
    Thank you!!

  54. urufish said

    They change immigration rules and policy here literally daily. The problem is if you ask 3 different exports or government employees, you will get 3 different answers on almost everything. I know people who lost thousands of dollars getting caught up in not only misinformation, but also having a container en route when the policy changed. This isn’t the North. If policy changes between the time you start something and finish it, they will apply policy now.. not when you started the process.
    Start with the consulate closest to you and write down everything. Then try another consulate, a little further away. Compare the information. Hopefully, you will get two answers the same. Follow those.

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