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Tax enforcement

Posted by urufish on May 26, 2007


This is a new concept in Uruguay.  I’m familiar with tax collection, but enforcement, no.  It’s getting a lot colder here and it isn’t the weather.  Today, the government announced it was sending 150 inspectors into the ‘field’ to knock doors to find IP (wealth tax) evaders.  Here’s the deal.  If a house or apartment looks like it’s worth more than $200K, there’s probably IP to be paid.  So they will knock on your door and ask for the paid receipt from the previous year, (or any year for that matter).  This will be their primary tool for locating malingerers…   I wonder what happens if you dont answer the door? 

Where are they starting?  Where else!!!  Punta del Este and Pocitos.  I assume they’ll start at the top of the food chain and work their way down. 

And you all thought you’d get away from the IRS eh?  Hahh… no such luck.   Beware of the DGI man. 


2 Responses to “Tax enforcement”

  1. Brazzie said

    I must be missing something. Because it seems like a comically inefficient way to collect the asset tax. It would be far easier if they tied proof-of-payment to some other common life events like selling your property, inheritance, the new income tax, renewing you car license etc.

  2. urufish said

    Have no idea who thinks these things up… it may very well be inefficient but it may be the only way they can do it now.
    I’ve been in software most of my life and I’ve seen what a mess government can make of a next level system. I cant imagine how badly they could screw up a brand new system, not to mention the societal problems that will come with it.

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