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Pocitos must be the home delivery capital of the world

Posted by urufish on May 24, 2007


McDonalds ‘free’ home delivery: 08002800

A couple of days ago, I was walking down 21 de Setiembre and for fun, started tracking all the stores that offered home delivery.  Long ago, when I first got here, I noticed delivery guys on bicycles and it tweaked an old memory of mine from when I was a kid.  My dad told me that was his first job.  Delivering groceries on a bicycle for a neighbourhood grocery store.  Even at that young, tender age, I thought that was pretty kul, because by then, that service had long ceased to exist in Toronto… or at least in the part that I lived in. 

So I decided to count them up and for fun, figure out what % of stores did it.  I walked a 6 block stretch of prime store locations and guess what.  I stopped counting when I realized it wasn’t a % at all.  It was all of them.  Every drugstore, supermarket and restaurant did home delivery… for free.  When I got to the end of my walk, there was the local Macdonalds, and guess what.  It had free home delivery too. 


2 Responses to “Pocitos must be the home delivery capital of the world”

  1. dsc said

    Only Pocitos?

    I must assume that other typically expat areas of MVD are the same (and the lower cost barrios of MVD are not)..

  2. urufish said

    The reason I spoke about Pocitos is because I haven’t lived or spent much time in the other barrios.
    My best guess is that Pocitos, being upscale, has the highest concentration of free home delivery.
    For example, I simply cant imagine having free home delivery of ice cream in middle class or lower neighbourhoods. It’s just too decadent.
    But I would expect free delivery from the farmacia is probably common throughout Montevideo…

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