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Cold in Brrrrruguay

Posted by urufish on May 24, 2007


Dont be too excited by the title.  It’s kind of tongue ‘n cheek.  It isn’t really cold here at all.  But everyone looks like it’s cold.  Today it was 11 degrees at 17:30 when I took these pictures.  The way many folks are dressed, you’d think it was 10 below in Duluth or Winnipeg, (which is kind of balmy to the locals there 🙂


Uruguayans really bundle up dont they.  Scarves everywhere, and not around the neck either.  Around the head and what is particularly interesting to a Toronto boy, around their faces.  I get this discombooberated feeling when I see that.  I expect to see frost on the scarves, but I dont. 


After living here through a winter and into this colder part of the year, I’m starting to understand why they do this.  I think it has to do with the time Uruguayans spend outside.  Unlike us northerners, they’re not running from the house to the car and from the car to the office or school and back again.  Here, they are walking, and walking and walking… and waiting for the bus.  I remember when I was a kid, we’d sneak out at lunch to have a smoke.  But we couldn’t go our lockers, so we’d stand out there in a shirt and sweater at 10 below zero, huddled together on a street corner.  The point is this:  you can take the cold if it’s for a short time.  If you had to spend an hour outside at 11 degrees, northerners would bundle up like this too… but probably not with a scarf wrapped around our head 🙂  I think that has something to do with the thing Uruguayans have about their lungs…  Many believe that inhaling cold air is bad for the lungs.  Gives you all kinds of terrible illnesses. 


2 Responses to “Cold in Brrrrruguay”

  1. dsc said


    How do you find the UY winters?

    I see that man with his infant dressed up — as a Canadian it seems humorous to me at +11C. But then again it’s probably much more humid in MVD (summer & winter) than where I live in dry Alberta.

    Do you walk around lightly dressed in winters and have people look at you strange?

    +11C at home and all I really require is the lightest of jackets.

    But that’s at home, of course, and not in some place far away from home..


    +11C — humid or not —

  2. urufish said

    Last winter was a warm one, and I had absolutely no issues with it. This winter is much colder. But I dont feel cold outside. I walk the dog at 2am in the dead of winter, with a vest over a light sweater. I see lots of people outside with scarves around their heads. Sometimes I think it’s a fashion statement because I rarely see guys doing that.
    Inside is another story. If you dont have a decent heating system, it wears on you and you eventually feel cold. We’ve got rads that come on at 8pm, but when it really gets cold, I’ll feel the cold by 7:30pm. When it gets like that, I take to wearing a sweater and a vest in the house.
    I’ve had people look at me strange when I go out in the winter with nothing but a shirt. I will do that when I go to the corner store or a couple of blocks to my daughter’s apartment.

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