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Posted by urufish on May 21, 2007


Yesterday was Sunday.  Sunday is a special day in Uruguay for many reasons.  Pocitos is quiet in the morning.  If you go outside around 8:30am and stand still, you’ll hear the sounds of cortinas opening.  You wont hear much else.  Even the dogs seem to be asleep until at least 9am.  For us, the big thing about Sunday is that’s the day we go out and buy the Sunday El Pais, because it contains the Gallito.  The Gallito (thanks Brazzie) is the collective name given to all the classified sections.. El Oferton, Inmuebles, Automotores/Diversos y Trabajo.  It’s the only paper this family buys.  We know it’s popular because friends ask us for it for the rest of the week.  It isn’t uncommon to be lending sections to different people on Monday/Tuesday. 

It occurred to me today that this was a major part of living here.  We’ve never given it much thought.  It’s totally ubiquitous.  But the reason it came to mind today was a real estate issue.  Our daughter wants to move to an apartment.  Where would a local look for an apartment?  The Gallito (Inmuebles), of course.  Either that or you put on some nice clothes and take a pad and pencil with you and walk the streets, (done that before). 

Personally, I’ve been reading the Gallito since my first Sunday in Uruguay-20 or so years ago.  Cant quite explain what it does for me but it seems like it’s the main way to get to know a lot about the country in a very small space.  Even when my Spanish was worse than it is now, I would read the entire paper – at least all the headlines – and most of the picture subtitles.  I probably had the wrong idea of what the article was about most of the time, but I really enjoyed it.  I like to see all the cars for sale, the job postings, the classifieds that show what everyone wants to sell and buy and for how much.  In the past 2 years, I’ve read the real estate section back and forth, skipping some specific sections… like the entire section on Carrasco.  You make some interesting observations.  Pocitos has the most apartments for sale and for rent.  Carrasco, the most houses.  In the car section, Mercedes have the most space.  A lot of stores claim they can unblock any phone on the planet.  You can buy a lot of guns here (I’m a Canadian so to me, this is unbelievable). 

El Pais’s Gallito, like most papers in the 21st century, sees its future as a digital source of information.  Go to www.gallito.com.uy and you can see pretty much everything there is to see, on line. 

Of particular interest to people interested in Uruguay is the section on real estate–inmuebles.  The Gallito has finally figured out there’s money in posting for sales and for rents WITH COLOUR PICTURES.  They are pushing hard to get most ads in the real estate section with several photos of the property.  If they’re successful in this respect, you will literally have MLS on line.  It’s a small country and most serious sellers put their property in this paper, on this day.  Once they all get the idea to go digital, someone surfing from San Francisco will be able to see as much as a local.  Rather than jumping all over the net trying to find visuals on properties for sale, they’ll be in one place.  The other advantage to the Gallito is that (at least up til now), there are no trolls.  They’re all legitimate.  Check it out.  IMHO, it’s the best source of info there is on Uruguay.  


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