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Shopping in Uruguay

Posted by urufish on May 14, 2007

We offered to pickup a cellphone for someone coming to Uruguay to save them the hassle of trying to find one immediately upon arrival.  Usually, we dont actually go shopping for something here.  When we brought our container from Canada, we pretty much filled it with everything we could think of we might need for the next year :-).  So now, we usually buy things when we see them, not when we need them. 

Anyway, to get the cellphone, we had to go looking.  Cellphones are everywhere here.  But if you’re doing someone a favour, last thing you want to do is buy them something they find cheaper a few days later.  So we had to scour the city to find the best deal at the time.  Being a web person, first thing I do is pull up all the stores I know in the area and check out product and pricing there.  Uruguay has a lot of material… but it’s not very clear.  More like opaque.  For instance, we looked up cellphones at www.motociclo.com.uy (one of the major low end suppliers of electronics and of course, motorcycles), and found lots of cellphones.  But the prices left something to be desired.  For instance, the cheapest phone was U$19.  Now do you really think you can buy a phone for less than a buck.  You wish.  So it must be payments (cuotas).  How many?  Well, if you live here, you assume it’s 24… because that phone we’ve seen for around 500-600 pesos. 

So where is the best place to bottom feed for prices in Uruguay that isn’t opaque…..   www.mercadolibre.com.uy… The e-bay of Uruguay.  Be warned… to really understand it, you need good Spanish.  Lots of assumptions and prior ebay skill is needed to truly figure out what’s going on.  Like the cellphone for over 1 mil pesos.  Still haven’t figured that one out.  Check it out.  Great fun. 


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