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It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow

Posted by urufish on May 14, 2007

Normally, this is a joyous occasion.  The days leading up to it are full of suspense, as I tryto figure out first, what she really wants and failing that, what she would really like.  As all husbands trying their hardest to please their wives, there have been a few sorrowful mistakes along the way resulting in returned gifts…   but always a big smile no matter….

But here, I’m totally stressed out.  First off, there’s the card.  This isn’t Toronto, where I can choose from like 2000 cards from a couple of stores close by.  The two stores I know in the area dont have 2000 cards in total between them for all occasions combined.  Then there’s the bigger problem.  Cards are not written in simple words.  There are overtones and undertones and nuances that a gringo simply isn’t going to know.  So what looks like something totally befitting my most precious friend, could be taken the wrong way.  Im too wise and have been her husband too long to want her to be taking anything the wrong way from me.  Better to not be taken at all :-). 

I think I’m going to buy a card that looks about right and then write-up, fill-in my feelings in English, the result:  a nice Spanglish card. 

Next comes the present…  (flowers aren’t until the following morning here… everything is fresh… no one buys flowers the day before).  What do you get somene who still has their house and life upside down?  In the past, each birthday was a continuation of the previous one and had a flow from year to year.  Here, it’s a whole different world.  So I think I’m going to throw myself wholly into feelings this year.  Smother her with affection and hope for the best 🙂

(BTW, Mother’s day wasn’t nearly as bad…  flowers everywhere and the cards were plentiful and simple.)


6 Responses to “It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow”

  1. Brazzie said

    Here’s my suggestion:
    1) Find your marriage certificate
    2) Ask a copy place to make a reduced copy onto a white card
    3) Draw a simple heart with red crayon and add the words:
    Renewed for life
    4) Fold and place in an envelope
    5) Buy a very simple bouquet of flowers with no wrapping
    6) Give her the flowers first, then the card

  2. urufish said

    Finding the marriage cert is no problem for a recent immigrant 🙂
    Thanks for the tips… will let you know how it works out..

  3. Lisa said

    Ok … the fact that you have a category called LOVE says a lot…the fact that you refer to your wife as “my most precious friend”… I’m thinking this woman doesn’t (or shouldn’t) need much more!! You say “In the past, each birthday was a continuation of the previous one and had a flow from year to year.” Well, this is a transition and new beginning… a chance to set the stage for the “renewed for life” sentiments that Brazzie suggested.

    Both you and Brazzie sound like a couple of romantics! Although after reading Brazzie’s cedula application instructions, then see this idea… I had to laugh!

    Hope your wife has a lovely birthday… and hope your plans include a nice Uruguayan dinner and bottle of wine!
    Best — Lisa

  4. urufish said

    Last night I woke her up at 1am with a big hug and a kiss to wish her a happy birthday…. This morning, same thing. Now it’s off to the flower shop.

    A few weeks ago she told me she didn’t want a dinner with friends like we used to do… but in the last hour, all her friends have been calling, asking her where it’s going to be… even my friend here in Uruguay asked also… so guess what… we’re having it after all 🙂

    Not enough time yesterday to follow Brazzie’s suggestion, but I’m dusting off the DTP stuff we brought from the house in Toronto and I should have it working within the hour.

    Thanks for the support Lisa. It’s gonna be just fine.

  5. JP said

    You are such a nice Non-Uruguayan husband. Uruguayan men are not like you at all. Your wife should be so proud of you!

  6. Shirley said

    JP — What does a Uruguayan husband do for his wife’s birthday?

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