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Mail… junk mail, junk email, mail of all kinds

Posted by urufish on May 4, 2007


Today was a memorable one.  Got my first junk email at the email address I adopted in Uruguay.   Not bad for over a year without a single junk email. 

Since it’s in Spanish and it follows within 10 days of my first post to a blog, I assume someone has figured out how to get email addresses out of blogs.  It’s from Chile, so that surprised me a bit, because I’ve pretty much kept to Uruguay, but it’s still south of the equator. 

As someone who averaged 400+ junk emails a day back home, I’m not exactly intimidated by them..  Just a matter of setting up filters.  But it was nice not having to do any of that when I came here.  Let’s see how this plays out.  If it’s a few a day, I wont bother.  But usually, once they get one hook in you, more follow, non stop. 

On a related issue, since we moved into the house, we started getting junk mail… as in the printed kind.  For over a year in the condo, we didn’t even get the Devoto or Disco flyers.  I think the building policy was to shoo away junk mailers.. or perhaps, they burned them for fuel.  But we never saw any.  We’ve been to many buildings where the flyers are lying around the front, or stacked up somewhere.  But for whatever, reason, that wasn’t the way our building worked. 

The paper is different than a northerner is used to.   It’s thinner and the printing isn’t as glossy.  Seems there’s big business in ‘cursos’, informaticas and other types.  Makes sense because Uruguayans place a high value on education.  It’ getting close to Mother’s Day and the flyers we’ve seen recently are tilted in that direction.  I wonder if perhaps flyers are mostly related to special days, like this one.  We’ll find out over the next year.  Reading flyers is not difficult, unless it rains.   We’ve only seen a couple of kinds of mailboxes here.  They’re cheap plastic made in China.  It’s good they’re cheap because we know they are frequently stolen, but the problem is they’re also porous.  When it rains, your mail gets wet.  I’ll have to mark that down on the apartment vs. house section on the blog.  It’s definitely an advantage in an apartment because your mail never gets wet.  Also, your magazines never get bent.  We subscribe to the Economist and our delivery guy must be a decent sort because instead of scrunching it into the mailbox, he pitched it onto the sidewalk inside the fence.  Had I been responsible and took it in yesterday, all would be fine.  But it sat out overnight in the rain.  Even though it’s in plastic, it’s still a little mojado this morning.  We put it on the rad to dry it out. 

Where we come from, the post office has exclusivity to deliver addressed mail. For instance, you cant hire a private contractor to deliver bills or other addressed product on a large scale.  Even a utility cant do that in Toronto.  Here, you can do what you want.  My security company uses a private delivery service. Magzines come from another agency.  Of course, there are delivery services like Fedex and DHL, but they dont do local, addressed mail.  Mail is pretty reliable and fast.  A regular posted envelope from Toronto gets here in 5-6 days.  Not much longer than it takes back home 🙂  Utilities are a little funny.  We’re used to a utility sending out the bills on the same day every month.  Here they can vary up to a week.  Being a fastidious chap, I’ll actually look for a bill to pay the day after it’s supposed to be here.  I’m learning to ‘let’ that go, living here. When it comes, it comes. 


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