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I gave at the office

Posted by urufish on May 2, 2007

Today was a busy day for yours truly.  Seems I drove forever.  Out to the dentist, then to the airport then to the freezone.  Back to Pocitos.  Then off again to mid city.  Then to Punta Carretas shopping mall…. and finally… home… whew….  wonder that would have cost in cabs?!?   But that’s not the point of the post.  The point is charity…

Today it seemed that every light I stopped at had a juggler, clown, squeegie guy (window washer), gymnast and/or contortionist.  One stop was memorable.. it had two guys throwing bowling pins back and forth across the road.  I think they had 4 in the air, but after a year of sitting on my rear, I’m not sure I can count that high. 

A northerner like me, still hasn’t developed the skin to say no.  So I give to everyone.  Even the guys (most) who are clearly members of the ‘paste basta’ society.  But today, by the time I neared home, I was tapped out.  No coin.  Broke.  Nothing left.  So I had to shrug my shoulders and open my hands in the ‘I dont have anything to give’ way.  But he didn’t seem to get the message.  Then my wife tells me that’s not the way you say no in sign language here.  You wag your finger as if it were a windshield wiper.  Well, I did that and it worked. 

Something new to learn.  Play windshield washer and save your change. 


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