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Drivers license

Posted by urufish on May 2, 2007

Going to try something new with this post.  Make it a work in progress.  In the past, I’ve always waited for something to be finished before I wrote it.  But in this case, I’d like to try the day by day, trepidations included, approach. 

A few weeks back, somone asked me if I had my drivers license.  I said no.  Then my wife reminded me that hers expires on May 15 and she should go back to Canada to visit and renew it at the same time.  I told her I used to drive for months after mine was expired back home and it was no big deal.  Of course, I’m a much more adventurous soul than she is.  That didn’t sit well.  So I suggested she finally get off her but and get a local drivers license.  That way she can delay the trip back home until summer and have a valid drivers license just in case she has an accident. 

Well today, she chickened out and I had to promise her I would go with her and get mine at the same time… even though my spoken spanish is crummy and my reading/writing even worse.  If I can go there without the language, she has no excuse for chickening out. 

Tonight, Iwill ask my friend what I need to know and what kind of test is it and how I am going to answer a written exam if I dont understand the questions…  Should be fun.  Will keep you posted. 


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