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Morning radio show – from home

Posted by urufish on April 26, 2007

Yesterday, I went to immigration to renew my cedula at the Geant store, (the fastest place to renew).  The process went without a hitch.  In and out in 20 minutes.  This time without messy hands.  The solution they had worked really well.  Took all the ink off instantly. 

The office is in a mall so I took a walk into the Geant store and decided to check out the electronics section.  I noticed a nifty little device called an FM transmitter.  You plug it into your computer and it will broadcast whatever you’re listening to as an fm station.  You play what you want to hear on your computer and you hear it on your radio. 

I have a laptop in the kitchen and a radio in the kitchen and I got the idea to put the radio station I used to listen to in Toronto at breakfast on my laptop.  Well, here I am, eating breakfast in Montevideo and listening to CHFI-FM, my old local radio station.  My  most interesting observation has been the commercials.  They’ve hardly changed in the year since we’ve been here!!!  


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